Zewang Help How to register an Account Tutorial

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Check out the zewang help presentation http://pdsp.us/zewanghelp
Zewang Help 2016 is growing so fast, Account registration can be somehow a challenge to many. This tutorial makes it easy to register an account .

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lateta ntando says:

plz cn anyone help me with a sponsors I'd and email plzzz

Grace says:

Hi Lateta when u have found one pls call me I will like to join 0820988290

Molutsi says:

zewang is relly stokvel can help the poor people without histate?

Jerita says:

I want to join zewang help please help me

Eaglette says:

In Soweto we put R200000 a very big group of poor people we gave it someone who was presenting Zewang to these poor people, from February 2016 in June she came back and said you stole everything, as you don’t respond to her anymore. Is Zewang a organization that helps people or ……. When they withdraw they must commute with 20% but you want her to keep on paying paying but not getting any money from you,please advice us what to do????

asiphe says:

I want to join us please help me

yu hsienli says:

Ask a question what the whole .zewang.help

Grace says:

Grace can you please seek for me a. Sponsor & BITCOIN so that l can use it for my account

Grace says:

Grace can you please seek for me a. Sponsor .l need fill Zewang registration form.

david says:

Help me …I need a sponsor to join

Grace says:

Please may you provide me sponsor. ID & email I can’t register may you help me.thanks.

Mhlonipheni Mkhize says:

Can anyone help me to claim back my money, it’s about time now.

Mhlonipheni Mkhize says:

My number is 0790306009 please people of god I’m worried now, help me, I want to claim my money back.

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