Nano – 11 HYIP Review – PAYMENT PROOF! – Day 6

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AceFlash says:


Do you know Questra? Its an real company with certificats in spania. They pay 4-7% per week.

Contact me for more informations or parternship (

Felipe Araujo says:

do you have an idea about the time it will last?

Joey Jonnes says:

Thanks Mike!

Joey Jonnes says:

Hi Mike, Apart from NANO I had notice you have suggested the following HYIP programs 4x4BTC and Finaceo? Also dude, your fb appeared unavailable?

Isabella Barberi says:

hey, does it really give the money that shows on the profit calculator?

Juan Carlos Barrientos says:

cant join the fb group. its unavailable

rocky rocks says:

Mike, Just become Scam. Thaught you should remove it from the list here.

john mathew says:

hello mike,
how about dude,, are they withdrawing???? r scam?? i deposited few dollars

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