I Spent 8 Hours Using Money Making Apps

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I Spent 8 Hours Using Money Making Apps

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Zero to Making $100k Per Month at 18 | My Story | Biaheza:

In this video I sit down and test the whole concept of making money online through apps on your phone. There are a lot of videos out there talking about how you can make a ton of money through these apps, so I wanted to put that to the test. The apps I downloaded paid for completing certain tasks and surveys. There were a lot of different survey apps, none of them were really a good source for making money online. If you would like to make a significant income online, I would recommend learning a high income skill such as graphic design, writing code or social media marketing. However if you wanna make the big bucks online, you have to start online business such as Shopify Dropshipping, SMMA, Amazon FBA etc.


Biaheza says:

smash like button 2 pay respects

Jeff Hadley says:

make a ton of money online by telling people how to not make money online, you sir are a stud lol

Anyone else wish they were more video capable? I suck lol

Maaxi Diaz says:

put this code on money app W3ZTKK

AleXiz ! says:

I spent 8 hours at school.

Nisha2119 says:

Random Talks Podcast : https://castbox.fm/va/2708534

;;- B O M B says:

Lmfao, when I touch this video appear me a ad of app for make money.

Tumelo Ramoshebi says:

Thanks Biaheza

Fatima says:

U look like Parker ferris

Logical Nafiz says:

Man you're so professional and down to earth! Keep it up buddy❤️

Owen Garlick says:

d..DID I JUST SEE JOJO SIWA HOW DARE YOU she's spoiled 0:02

Najat Gariba says:

You make it fun and relatable to listen. Is not boring.

Just Jay says:

Did anyone get survey ads while watching this-

Jesse de la Riarte Din says:

I tried Streetbees, Eureka and Zap. My favorite survey app is Streetbees because they pay you straight to your Paypal account after they review your answers. You need to make $10 on Eureka and $20 on Zap to cash out and you only make a few cents per survey. Streetbees pay .50 cents, $1.00, $3.00 by doing task they ask you to do like taking part of surveys, taking a photo of certain things and completing tasks

instaainfoo says:

I really appreciate your concept of explaining something wholistically…

UFC MMA F1 says:


XxxKrazle K says:

I mean im watching this cause i can only be home so i want some money

Jasmeia Allman says:

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Maria james 12 says:

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Amillion Reed says:

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Lara Moore says:

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Lara Moore says:

Payment made successfully by Ryan_hacks101 on Instagram

Wayne Phillips says:

if you are in business..why create more competition for yourself?

Crystalyank hui says:

I was almost going to live in my car and this site saved me just Google with no spaces E a s y L a p t o p L i f e .c o m

Ceca Vidova-Trajceska says:

Can anybody give me link of the zap surveys

ภ๏คђ9թг๏ツ says:

4:55 pause it lol

ttg tay says:

I got paid using Chris__hack11 on IG

ttg tay says:

I got paid using Chris__hack11 on IG


God bless and keep safe I am making money online too and made a video about it.

Jessica Rose says:

Keep investing with Scales_hack on ig he’s a pro

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