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I posted a video called loving with major depressive disorder a while back. I’ve been going to therapy for depression and anxiety for a year and a half now, and a lot has changed. For [More]
If you struggle with depression, you have probably had people tell you to “just be happy.” I want you guys to know that you should never feel bad for not being able to turn off [More]
Is caffeine a drug, is it addictive? Is coffee good or bad for you? Does it help acne, does it case acne? Does caffeine cause anxiety or help with weight loss? Is there a withdrawal [More]
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Our new kitchen, Tim’s surprise for me, cutting down our Christmas tree, and a lot of fun moment. A little bit of everything in this vlog. If you’re ever injured in an accident, you can [More]
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Girl talk. Real talk. Opening up about something I’m struggling with. Final repairs to the house, packing and moving out of my old house and into our new home as a married couple, and announcing [More]
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I have huge news. Multiple announcements. Life changing stuff =) This is also going to be an update on my life since I haven’t been posting regularly for quite some time now. I love you [More]
My first podcast style video! I had so many doubts about the Bible, God, and Jesus. After I had an experience where I met someone who truly loved God and wanted to live a life [More]
I’m married, we’re married, we got married!!! Ahhh I’m a wife. That’s crazy. Wedding dress shopping vlog, engagement story time and video, wedding cake tasting, and wedding day photos! My socials: TikTok: alana.arbucci INSTAGRAM: @aarbucci
The risks and dangers of having breast implants put in. I got my implants removed because of complications. Silicone, saline, cc size, recovery, pain, capsular contracture. We discuss it all. I hope this helps you [More]
Fighting burnout. How to fight feeling constantly tired. I needed to decompress. Opening up. Let’s get real. Getting engaged, planning a wedding, selling my house, getting married, buying a house together as a married couple, [More]
Am I going to keep working now that I’m a wife (married). What will happen to my career, my job..now that I have the freedom to choose what I want to spend my days doing [More]
What happened to my Dalmatian puppy Carmine? Rehoming a dog, losing a dog to illness or injury, none of it is easy. I know Carmine is at peace and that’s all that matters. | Dermatica: [More]
I had my implants removed. My explant journey. Part 1 | In 2018 I had breast implant surgery/augmentation. I made that decision based on what the world told me about women and where our value [More]
My full testimony. God saved my life on the day I was going to take it . My socials: TikTok: alana.arbucci INSTAGRAM: @aarbucci
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Tim and I went engagement ring shopping in the diamond district in NYC! lab grown diamonds, natural grown diamonds, or moissanite. Carat size cut, color, clarity! What would you choose? My socials: TikTok: alana.arbucci INSTAGRAM: [More]
Dating, sex, when to have it, to have it at all, wondering if the person you just started dating is having it, when it it normal to ask to be exclusive or to define the [More]
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Being single and part of the dating world, on the dating apps…is all crazy! Tinder, bumble, hinge, uhhh. You find someone you really like, it’s not a good fit, start over, take time off, focus [More]
TMI girl talk GRWM | a few days ago I got real personal and discussed my breakup. I am no longer engaged. My relationship ended. I am single and living my life as an independent [More]
GRWM for a date | Check out Kenzzi: https://kenzzi.com/products/ipl-ice-cooling-handset-kenzzi?ref=AR1 Discount code: AR1 | I have so many laser hair removal videos and this is another fun one! We also did makeup, talked about hair, picked [More]
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Primary or main bathroom and bedroom renovation reveal. Updated House tour! Entire house wait painted, new floors, new free standing tub, new shower, new faucets! Got some art work and decor. Traditional antique but also [More]
I wanted to share my story in hopes that it’ll help someone else out there going through something similar. My best friend and I broke up. I decided to end the friendship because it was [More]
My weight loss journey | kenzzi: Discount code: ALANA50 Discount link: https://kenzzi.com/products/kenzzi-ipl-hair-removal-handset?ref=ALANA50 | I gained weight and then I lost weight. This is what my diet is like and what my workouts have been like [More]
Home Renovation before and after! | Get your extended 30 day free trial at https://dipseastories.com/alana | We remodeled slash renovated the entire main level. Kitchen, family room, dining room makeover. We painted, got new countertops, [More]
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Wedding Series! We went wedding dress shopping and I said yes to the dress in Atlanta with my girls from Winnie Couture, my maid of honor, bridesmaid, and mother of the bride! I tried on [More]
House shopping vlog! *Kenzzi- Use code: 50AAB at https://kenzzi.com/products/microdermabrasion-handset-kenzzi?ref=50ABA* My fiancé and I took a plane to Florida to go house shopping. We got engaged in 2019 and you guys know things weren’t easy in [More]
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