Is a scam? Yes! Here’s my review with several indicators that this is nothing more than a criminal gang stealing money from the public. Do NOT invest. But more than that, DO NOT PROMOTE [More] CCC WEALTH Description du Plan 5% par jour pendant 31 jours Intérêts courus: du lundi au dimanche Rendement total: 150% (50% du revenu net) 112% sur 10 jours lundi au dimanche Rendement total: 112% [More] CCC WEALTH Descrição dos Planos 5% por dia durante 31 dias 150% (50% do lucro líquido) Os juros vencidos: Segunda a Domingo 112% em 10 dias Os juros vencidos: 12% em 10 dias Saque [More]
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Amazing5 Scam Clone – CCC Wealth landed on my radar from some idiot who spammed his referral link on my other video: I get a lot of spam comment bullshit. Referral links for [More]