BMX: Sean Logan vs Chris Hughes

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Watch Sean Logan and Chris Hughes go head-to-head at the Big-Air BMX Triples Competition at the 2008 OC Fair in Costa Mesa, CA.


Sean Logan says:

LoLz million views! Chris Hughes is way better at bmx than me FYI 


Y NO TUC NO 360 :0

Bu says:

… Why is that so surprising to you, did you just discover people with tattoo's?

dudeononewheel says:

So much spam in these comments….

bubu777 says:

Crazy BMX tricks form two of the World's best bikers! Check this out : Mike Spinner And Austin Coleman Present: "The Program"

Ben says:

i can do this too… hold my beer

Bang Jaok says:

BOCAL'S BMX kemana gerangan kini…

Francis Armstrong says:

who the fuck gets tattoo's on thers calf's 1:20

Julian Foster says:

@trentonlove1 me too

ValcouR1995 says:

@stacesellars03 0:11

danabrown1970 says:

sean logan did a free show at my school!!!!! i got is signature

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