Zukul Ad Network Update

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master R says:

This is a HYIP. Sooner or later, it will collapse. Support doesnt answer any questions and im wondering how i would communicate with zukul in case of problems. The phone number given is also useless, as its a recording of jeremy rush voice telling you to go to the site and use support??? Dont waste your time or money with this.

Mike Mike says:

Jeremy please help me understand i have a son that depending on me.i need this to be real man please man i really need to learn could i talk to you man on the phone.need this to work i need a better life for my son.

Rebekah sherlock says:

zukuladnetworks… Is working just great more than great fantastic words cannot say how awesome this business is in fact you have to come in and see for yourself…. It's very easy to come in and set up but if by any chance you're not Savvy with the computer are zukul family will help you as we do with everyone… In this business you will not be left alone ever …

David Claes says:

Jeremy Rush… YOU nailed it MAN!!! R-E-S-P-E-C-T… :)

Kevan Cowley says:

Loved it

Susan Vos says:

Great hangout. Great updates.

Ati Helagi says:

I cannot log-in to this site though have registered before launch, these jokers have been boasting about the speed of the site. 7 months of waiting and believing…lol now I am locked out didn't even see what the site looks like. Incompetence, donno what that mean, english is second language… maybe buffalo dust…lol

Brendan Watson says:

We are with the right people!!!!

Zukul Christopher Berentsen says:

Thanks for the excellent update Jeremy! Cluster Server is at 90% Idle! Wow!! And more servers being added soon that will be on different continents!! Our future is now so bright! Never doubted Jeremy for a minute! Oh and congrats to you Jeremy and your wife on the good news about your baby coming! Blessings to and yours Jeremy! And now I know, Zukul Ad Network is the future of online business! #Zukul #ZukulAdNetwork #WorkFromHome #RevShare

DennisHawkinsOnline says:

Very cool update. Things are getting there day by day.

WorkWithLance says:

I'm buying buying buying….stay tuned for my updates on how to build your Zukul Ad Network Biz!

Cindy Williams says:

Great updates…Moving along

Lance Andersen says:


Ginger Davis says:

If you aren't in this your are crazy!! Get in at the beginning!! http://zukuladnetwork.com

abdallah sindabad says:

Fantastic hangout as always!!! So grateful for being part of this Amazing and Wonderful Family!

Marjorie Ambroise says:

Zukul Adnetwork is amazing. This business has the ability to empower you to help you succeed in your business and make your financial dreams come true!!!

Marcus Homan says:

So proud to be part of this family!

Sylvie Eymin says:

I could be part of the women one but this is depending on the time I am living in New Zealand
11 to 12 hours difference with Europa…

Ubaid Mangalore says:


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