Zukul Ad Network Scam

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Is Zukul a scam ? should you stay away from it and join another MLM company ? lets take a look in details of what zukul has to offer then you make your own mind up, it’s a free world the chose is yours


Steve North says:

yes it is a scam, People have been waiting ONE YEAR to get sign ups that have not been filled yet. So if you can wait one year paying $50 a month have fun. I know Im not.

Yoel Montes says:


master R says:

its a scam. support no longer answering messages!!

Muhammad Asad Adv says:

Thats was amazing. few people join under me, i got the answer , i was bit worried abut that, thanks to bart >

John Way says:

A Jeremy Rush Tour De Force ! Unmissable ! 🙂

Sylvie Eymin says:

Jeremy is very transparent and this is what I like in this business, I join because I do not have lot of money after I did immigrate in New Zealand where it is quiet difficult to get a job, I join Zukul because it i very promising for the future…They are amazing people in this One Link – One Family One Mission, come and join us and be a winner

Kenneth Wollenberg says:

One of a kind business and the leder Jeremy is just one to trust, thanks for creating this business..!!

jim locke says:

Great Hangout guys!! I know we can all help each other succeed!! 2% is not a lot, seriously! BELIEVE it and you will see it, not the other way round!!!!!!!!

Kent Isakson says:

Hey Jeremy great job! Sometimes you have to be blunt and tell it like it is! We ALL work together as a TEAM and do our 2% and then some! We don't have time for non-action takers…get onboard with this and work as a TEAM! I love this company! Ilove the TEAM we have! Genuine and sincere folks with passion and a drive to be successful!

Karri Dalton-Hull says:

Is Zukul a scam? Watch this Hangout from March 16th and decide for yourself!

full on skeptic says:

Cant sleep with excitement Roll on 1st April

Ramesh Rathinam says:

Get in Now and be ready for the launch on April 1. Zukul Ad Network has E wallet and not any troublesome payment processors. Join now!

jay Zeller says:

Another Great Hangout. I believe in Zukul

Kevan Cowley says:

What a Fantastic Hangout 🙂

Robert Weekley says:

Zukul Rocks

Business Paying says:

Amazing Company and Leaders!

Tom Gee says:

I'm so excited.

Joe Santora says:

Jeremy, Your passion is going to go viral too….. Thanks Guys

Susan Vos says:

Nice one guys!

Tom O'Riordan says:

Brilliant Hangout !!!

Eric Flanigan says:

Ha ha…I loved Jeremy's "Bus driver sitting in the cafeteria…" example…hilarious!
So many golden nuggets of wisdom in this one! What a team…what a company…
what an extraordinary future that is just ahead…simply incredible!

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