Zukul Ad Network Income. A Factual Progress Report. Week 30

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Playlist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zxvjvBK8qXE&list=PLRzRbecaiXa2KJ7-DydwmPTSrriUieHOl
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This is our income report for the Zukul Ad Network (ZAN). We will be publishing a report every Friday so people can see our progress. Please subscribe to our channel to follow us on our Zukul Ad Network Review.

Zukul Ad Network
Zukul Ad Network Training
Zukul Ad Network Affiliate Training
Zukul Ad Network Five Figure Affiliate Training
Tom Gee
Tom Gee Training
Zukul Training Tom Gee
Gavin Evans
Gavin Evans Training
Zukul Training Gavin Evans
Vectorcentral.com ZAN
Vectorcentral.com Zukul Ad Network
Zukul Ad Network Progress Report
ZAN Progress Report


Frugal Whimsy says:

I am in zukul and I do not understand any of it …I keep trying though…..lol

Kevan Cowley says:

Great video Tom

Marusya Gancheva says:

Very good video! Thanks for sharing !

Lucinda Schersing says:

Well done Tom! Thanks!!

Chris Pottle says:

Thanks for that, Tom.

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