Zarfund Tutorial How it Works, .03 Bitcoin to 164.26 Bitcoin Per Month

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Bringing you a Zarfund Tutorial, How to join Zarfund, How to upgrade step by step and start earning.

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Once you signup just follow the video step by step, by joining my team you are joining my downline and so on for yourself, you will get automatic spill over as more people join the team 🙂

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Eloka Monyei says:

For those in Nigeria and are looking for a good team to join

tao huang says:

Welcome to join the Chinese team:

Chidi Orachiri says:

Try and make cool cash and join the moving train using with just 0.03BTC…..Opportunity waits for no one

zamani store Tanzania says:

lets all grow the group and support the team the last downliner-


Omg This shit is really working wtf !!! Paycheck came in FAT !!! and we are barely getting it in level 4 ! Hurry up and join we have a team and are recruiting in Vegas , L.A, and Mexicali, Baja California Mexico close to Tijuana. And right now Would be the most perfect time to join . Todays date is 10/28/2016. And as of now i my team and all our friends know this shit is real so now its time to spread the bizzness !! Join here to Fall under pyramid and let others fall under you by just spreading this link ONCE YOU JOIN THO OR ELSE YOU DONT GET PAID. YOU NEED TO PAY THE BITCOINS AND THEN YOU WILL GET LEVEL ONE
Samuel Rodriguez =

Gladson Batista says:

Feel grateful to help and still be rewarded for it

Александр Неизвестный says:

King Kraken says:

Thats soo cool im new and i need people aahh!!

Join to hop on board like zilj TV said lets get that money !!

Oka Nosa says:

hello, i just watched your video and would love to be part of your team, but the thing is i dont think i can get people, dont really know how to do that. will your team help me fill the space or what ?

MrMshelia says:


Yojin Rach says:

Hi. i am do not complete of level 1.please to donation of my Zarfund referrals link –

Bit Matrix says:

Join to LARGE TEAM TODAY click here >>>

Rose Rose says:

site for purchasing bitcoin

Tatyana Menshikova says:

What is Zarfund? Its a bitcoin donation platform. You start by upgrading to Stage 1 by donating .03btc per month to your upline. Continue upgrading to higher stages to 3.38btc per month. Your upgrade donations entitle you to receiving up to 164.26btc from your downline. Register Now

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