Zarfund Training – How To Get Paid

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For more information about Zarfund:
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Daffid Son says:

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Looliver says:

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hamza alami says:

What is Zarfund? Its a bitcoin donation platform.
You start by upgrading to Stage 1 by donating .03btc per month to your upline.
Continue upgrading to higher stages to 3.38btc per month.
Your upgrade donations entitle you to receiving up to 164.26btc from your downline.

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Jonnah Maz says:

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Zresp says:

Tried to get a transaction confirmed with my spouse using Circle to send money. Not confirmed, nor answered by support. Sent monthly upgrade never got confirmed, even after I got another wallet with blockchain. So will not be participating in this program because I HATE getting screwed!

Henry Benjamin says:

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Beeola Badmus says:

hi randy just one question do I donate to all my stages consistently each month? or its justt a one time donation @ each stage?

Mark 316 says:

Thanks coach Randy i have my two persons already and four of my down lines has gotten theirs as well so join our fast growing team for spillover.

Odion Samson says:

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Michal Bartoš says:

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Elena Novikova says:

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lynda okwuosa says:

hi randy the payment is it Kent to be monthly?

C&G Photographers says:

Well done, that was a well put together Zarfund presentation video. I have been in Zarfund now since October 25th 2016, and currently in level 3 with a lot of energy and strategy to mobilize people to register for quick earning. With great respect to you Randy, you have earn anyone that wish to register for Zarfund, but if there is any chance to share your followers with you, I have this group on Facebook for #CRYPTO-CURRENCY INVESTORS of facebook: . Please check it out its new. Thank you.

Зиля Чернова says:

Hi everyone
Zarfund is a good money making opportunity. I belong to an active team. I joined a week ago and m already almost upgrading to level 3.
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Fred Johnson says:

Thanks Randy your explanation does make it easier to understand. So as you progress through the levels, does it 'slow up' considerably because of the actual numbers required? (Trying to figure out a reasonably conservative time line to level 4 – we have 67 joined us in 2 weeks.)

Agbaje Kehinde says:

I am yet to join zarfund, but if I will join I will prefer to join Randy's group cos he took is time to explain how it works, not some wannabes trying to steal people from others sweat. @babatunde do something on YouTube then you can get good followership rather than going about stealing from peoples site.

Sidney A. Alves says:

To receive the 6th level you have to have 756 people below you, and your first, sponsored one, will add another 126 people .. for him to receive the 6 level, and so on … it is not Easy as you say, my friend …

Babatunde Owoseni says:

Zarfund Team in Nigeria:
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Amara Onyia says:

Thanks Randy. really enlightened me. question is, if you have a team that registers you according to the time you came and spill overs are registered to the next in line, not bothering amount monitoring your downlines, because people will definitely be registered under you and the chain keeps going, at this point, do you think getting to stage 6 is obtainable?

Petr K. says:

Hi Randy, can I ask you what is your progress in ZarFund? How it is going?

jovita obi says:

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Obiora Anthony says:

pls can u drop ur contact info .. maybe email address or something

Omar A. Bilal says:

What is best Zurfund or MMM?

19Booom96 says:

when i upgrade to s1 and i want to get paid (2×0.03) i have to invite ppl on my own? Like talk to friends irl or somthing OR the new members will be automaticly assigned to me when its my turn?

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