Zarfund Training – 5 Steps To Success

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Close – What is Zarfund? Its a bitcoin donation platform with a 2 x 6 matrix. You start by upgrading to Stage 1 by donating .03btc per month to your upline. Continue upgrading to higher stages to 3.38btc per month. Your upgrade donations entitle you to receiving up to 164.26btc from your downline.

What are the keys to success with Zarfund?

1. Be sure you have a funded Bitcoin wallet before you enroll
2. Enroll and make your first donation of .03btc to upgrade to Stage 1 (Bronze)
3. Refer 2 people and help them do Steps 1 – 3.
4. You will need to make donations monthly at each Stage
5. Duplicate your efforts – Keep building the community and teach the 5 Steps To Success.

For more information about Zarfund:
For more information about Bitcoin:
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