Zarfund Review What You Should Really Know Before Joining Zarfund

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Here is my Zarfund Review. Chances are you are someone who is pretty excited about joining zarfund due to some of the promises the program makes and also seeing other peoples results. 1st I want to say is the your not going to get much in the zarfund members area because from my understanding there is literally NO product. you’re spending money just to be able to qualify to make commissions when someone is placed under you. The Zarfund Compensation Plan is pretty straight forward all you basically have to know is you make money from growing a team. To me I think it’s just a matter of time for this program to go down. either the owners will run off or it will get shut down because to the structure of the site and the fact there is no real product. If you want to understand a little more on how it works then just look up Zarfund Presentation or Zarfund How it works and you will see waht I’m talking about I think people should stay away and get in somehting else and make real money

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Terrell Donald says:

Not true I put ppl In my team

Pavitra Raj says:
(a matrix plan same as zarfund but better than zarfund). investment only 0.0005= RS40 and get 115btc

BestWin Watch says:

click to join my ref for big team

Razawal Recruitment & Travel Consult says:

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