YouTuber EXPOSED – The Truth About Ryan Hildreth and His "Courses"

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In this video, Cereal Entrepreneur exposes YouTube Ryan Hildreth. Ryan started a social media marketing course back in 2017 with his partner Hayden Peddle. In the last year, we’ve seen Ryan switch gears from Financial Advising to SMMA, Affiliate Marketing, Cryptocurrencies, etc. I’m sure he’ll have a new project coming soon that he claims to be an expert on…the real question is will you fall for it?

The truth…I get TONS of students that come to The Digital Marketing School after purchasing their course wishing that they hadn’t wasted their money. Why? Because their prior experience with digital marketing/running a marketing agency was practically nil.

We’ll show you EXACTLY what lying to your audience does for a personal brand online.

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Leo Matin says:

Ya, I hear ya, I fell onto his channel he promised me the world I signed up and then saw" No refunds" LMFAO>>>>>>if he was really that good and people don't like his shit they do not get a REFUND!? I have never..ever..ever..ever..seen this EVER for anyone selling a product of any kind. So sent him a message back on it and NO REPLIE BACK! I have signed up to products that give you 30 to 60 days or more money back GUARANTEE! Those products still satisfied with 10 years later,,but this guys is a complete WEINER! Great review brother exposing a complete F#$%%%^g scammer is what I saw. People are just to brain dead to see it!

Louis Paquette says:

He's got a new video claiming you can earn $37 watching vids at – you sign up and find out it has no videos to watch. You earn by taking long surveys – signing up to other offers, etc. Pain in the arse stuff. NOT watching videos… if only.

Kyle Begner says:

thats crazy because he is the reason why i was able to quit my day job

kavika Tauanuu says:

What about peter Chan bro

Pro Exotic Lifestyle says:

I've never paid for a course and I'm doing a good amount of passive income. Do your research people!

Mathieu Zilli says:

Thanks for pointing out this guy which is nothing but cancer on the Internet.

aristotle736 says:

Jordan Kilburn is INDEED a cool guy. I met him.I took his Amazon FBA course.
Couldn’t be happier about dealing with him .

Isaac Blanco says:

i hate to admit. i did take his course on affiliate marketing. it's actually working for me but everything you're saying is pretty true. all his stuff before marketing was pretty bogus in that he got lucky and he really doesn't know how to teach. The course on affiliate marketing is no exception but that's not to say it didn't help me. if you just do the free version of his course, with a "little" time, it's not a total scam. it's all perspective.

A.montana77 says:

Jordan I’ve purchased your courses a couple of days ago. Why?? Because I love your honesty and think your a genuine humble guy that knows everything there is about social media marketing. I purchased your courses to help me find clients for my travel agency and scale my business on social media. I’m still waiting to be accepted in the Facebook group ? My email is
Could you do a review on Iman ghadzi course

Bryan Guerra says:

How come this is the first time I’m hearing about this? Where have I been lol

Lion Mode Club says:

bro you are the real deal . thanks for the video

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