You asked for it 😝 MY WORKOUT & DIET ROUTINE for a SNATCHED BOD ft. Fabletics 🥳

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lilie lee says:

How do u get ur face so white?

al' calibur says:

her stomach is hot

Underyourbedeyes says:

that's great, but a good body is easy if you eat well under 28. If you're over, that you're gonna need to work for it.

simplychillingout says:

you have the same birthday as me feb. 22

Sunflower says:

0:18 um..?

15DollarFit says:

I'm doing Weight Watchers too! and tracking it on my channel! Thanks for the inspo!

Macy Ashcraft says:

Your body will always be different based on genetics, where you hold weight, and many other things. Dont feel bad if you weigh the same as her before weight, it all depends on what you want your body to be. She didn't like her body so she changed it for her and if you don't like your own body you should change it for you.

Ronald Vogelezang says:

You dont get abs from ab excerises. You get abs under a certain bodyfat percentage. For women that's around 19%, for man around 15%

Boop Boop Globetrotters says:

BTW MY DEAR, your doing your leg press wrong…your legs and joint need to be at a 45 degree angle and no lower! Why because you will experience knee pain and or knee blowout if you add a lot of weight like i do! , BTW I leg press near 1000 pounds! So i know a little about that…hope you take the advice 🙂

Rachael Wilson says:

How tall are you??

Elena Azcoitia says:


Terézia Tordová says:

With that health issue THE EXACT SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME!!! I still don´t know what that was i was in hospital they took tests and found nothing it was like this for whole 2 months! And than it stopped as suddenly as it started … not once it happened again to me …

Kiki Mavropoulou says:


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