XRP Ripple Coin Stolen From CoinPayments Wallet Users

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Once you start getting more bitcoin the safest place to store it is in a Trezor wallet. If someone hacks into your email, computer or phone they wont be able to access your trezor wallet they same way they would if they were in your email.
Learn more: https://www.buytrezor.com/?a=BiN5a2vdfh


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Bullish Buffalo says:

Man , it's not ripple's fault. if you hold XRP (ripple) , Keep them in a safe place : on gatehub.net that way they won't be stolen , it's the official ripple wallet , and you own the secret key. You have also exchanges (a bit more risky) or ledger nano S.

Delta Drones says:

Do you know if CoinPayments store IOTA?

Jayrok 71 says:

I can't wait for the day when I lose a "Couple of thousand dollars" and it doesn't matter much. BOSS!

TheAz1atic says:

Would having an authenticator prevent this


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Spencer Owen says:

Great video. Are you able to buy any kind of currency on trezor ?

Les Forrers says:

I got ripped off my ripples too
and do not trust the reply from coinpayment on this
They do not take responsability, because they did not make any % off refund yet.
they do not even give a date about refunding,
In my opinion they should refund us with a good percentage off their profit, from day one.
The worst case scenario is that they themselves are resposible and just say it was others
Anyone knows where is their office located?

wilson wong says:

How to get back our ripple

Regragui Lachhab says:

i lost also my ripple on coinpayments ,do you think if coinpayments will return our XRP our there is a compensation for losing money ?

Regragui Lachhab says:

i lost also my ripple on coinpayments ,do you think that will return our XRP our there is a compensation for losing money ?

Btnss Supplement says:

for now, you can save your XRP on Gatehube it's very secure using google authentication

Clement Essien says:

sorry for your lost guys… I use Gatehub, it was designed by ripple it self

Neo Matrix says:

Use Ripple Desktop Wallet (Rippex) Supports Windows, Mac, Linux. Don't hold coins with exchanges. Only thing is there is a 20 XRP reserve to keep XRP in a Wallet. Jaxx is bringing out XRP support "in the near future" apparently. Whatever that means.

brocky x says:

xrp & steem ready to pop any day now also NEM… ✌

蘇家緯 says:

i lost 885869 coins of ripple also

TEAM BTC says:

I think the vault time lock is how long you have to wait to unlock after requesting to unlock.

Marriage Proposasls says:

I was robbed too. I think coinpayments will restore it soon.

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