WILL WE LOSE OUR CLOUDMINING CONTRACTS? Genesis Mining – Bitclub Network – CCG Mining – Hashflare

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During this Bitcoin correction the question came up about the end of some cloudmining contracts. At the current difficulty level a problem would occur around a $3000-$3200 BTC price.

» Registration: https://goo.gl/aHLwbB

» Registration: https://www.binance.com/?ref=16553332

Genesis Mining
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» Registration: https://www.genesis-mining.com/a/984316

Bitclub Network
» Registration: http://bitclub.bz/investmentaccount

» Registration: https://hashflare.io/r/E2A5DDF9

CCG Mining New!
» Registration: https://goo.gl/WNTmih

» Purchase: https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/f7c4

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Galaxy M says:

insed Cloud mining i will just use my mining farm…

WixTheQwix says:

Bitmain now has all miners available for purchase (some march preorder). Asic mining in general right now is Not good. As you mention both because of price and difficulty has skyrocketed. It appears Bitmain is also selling Antminer V9 which might be refurb S7 according to some people. So Bitmain is attempting to dump more units on market vs mining with them themselves… Samsung is making new asic chips. Bottom line is weather cloud or you buy hardware yourself. With BTC price low, its 100% better to just buy BTC. I get everyone including myself likes daily payouts. But the BTC amount is dropping month after month. The only way I would consider buying a contract or miner would be if BTC was $50k. So that the amount of my BTC i spend on contract or miner is very low. Bitmain cant even sell the stock they have!! They have been pushing the 2nd batch of A3 now for 2 weeks and its still not sold out. You can even order a less efficient T9 for immediate delivery!! ASIC is pretty much dead until the next gen of miners come out…

Ryan Connelly says:

Just to elaborate on why the maintenance fee matters more when the price of Bitcoin goes down for anyone that is confused. It's because when the price of Bitcoin is low, the maintenance fee is higher as the maintenance is a fixed USD amount on Hashflare and Genesis but is taken out daily in Bitcoin. So the lower the BTC price the higher amount of BTC is needed to be taken out to meet the USD maintenance fee of $0.28 (Genesis) and $0.35 (Hashflare) per TH respectively. So if we were at say $3000 per BTC you would not be mining enough daily to cover the maintenance fee which would be very high especially considered that the difficulty is high right now. Great video as always Sunny!

ytRbro says:

good info that is exactly what i was looking for, what do you think of ico ice rock mining? they are a new cloud mining company. they already have some miners setup, they are projecting 5000 miners, low maintenance fees, life long partnership etc…..

Francisco CM says:

Great work mate

Tone Crypto says:

I'm going to get a Zcash contract on CCG mining 1LX5wDjejMXnzFMQwZ8eUwzJB5Z7hod2Q7

Ag Au says:

Leave xrp for the banks .there is plenty of coins to choose from!

M3hdi says:

Some say it will go low again

Mark Gesswein says:

These guys aren't mining. They are taking your coin, and then turning around and giving you SOME of it back. It's a ponzi scheme.

Florian P. says:

Jeah like this new style. good job.

Ahmad Raza says:

Thanks for info

Tuur Jansen says:

Thank you for clearing that up for me. I really hope we have hit the bottom and we go on a steady rise from here on. I noticed we have same setup with miningpools on hashflare 🙂 After excluding f2pool couldnt see change in payout what makes me think that f2pool is as profitable as Ap and slushpool?

Miller-STGT says:

I wonder what that would cause globally to bitcoin over a year. It would basically cost more btc to maintain the proof of work than btc is worth, if the difficulty doesn´t adjust.
Or am I being crazy?

0x 73636f7474 says:

How are cloud mining contracts taxed?

WoWCrypto Crypto info says:

I am also looking forward to my first CCG Mining payout. I pretty much already knew the information you explained but it was great info for someone who didn't understand how their cloud mining contracts worked already!

huntingforwifi says:

Hey Sunny the media is full of BS. Its like they have a few articles lined up and when they check the positive market they come up with a good news but spread FUD when they see negative – 3QpHWBDqoFKbKPKhkYwCN8QqQrZsnWYnqW

Fahed Zarzour says:

You are the BEST

Simeon Harrison says:

Since the btc has come back down will the mining prices per contract go back down as well who knows anyway 1EhpiU8rYLev2JpuXxXw91gnKQLRcZQPkF

Mark Gesswein says:

Hey, where's the Davor affiliate link? Oh, wait… They WENT UNDER, because it's a SCAM, just like every other lending platform.

lastfanstanding999 says:

jibber jabber = SD

rami elayan says:


Bender Veloso C.R.F says:

what happened to cryptonick tho??

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