why COINCE is not paying (62 hours completed no payments)

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why coince is not giving payouts since 3 days even after maximum 48 hours of time. after new 18% plan coince payments became slow and many are worried about their investments..ill update you when il recieve my payouts thankyou..!!


LA Health Pro says:

Hi everyone! I am getting so concerned of the growing "Online Investment" or "Cloud Investment" sites taking advantage of people. They come and go and steal hard earned money. As a website developer, I know that these cloud investments are fake.
Below are my points of advise on how to detect if the business is a scam.
1. Check the Domain Registry. Owner of the Domain should reflect the real name and Physical address of the company. Type to check the domain here: http://bit.ly/2dOqKjn
2. Check also if the physical address shown in the business profile is only a 'Virtual Office" address rental.
3. The Owner/ Founder of the company or business must have name trails in the the business industry in all search engines. If you cannot find them, they must be using fake names, so if they close the business, you could not go after them.
4. Investment company should always be registered in their country of residence… IF NOT , it's a scam.
5. How to know? Call the trade department of the country of registry and ask the legitimacy of the business.
6. Investment company should always have Insurance to protect the investors.
7. These type of investments without proof of where the fund is invested to give back the promised huge profit, its a scam.
8. The plans of these online investment companies, are to gather money and when they attained the amount needed, they will just close their website and you will not be able to access your account.
9. No Investment company should hold your money or ask permission for withdrawal. Your investment must be free flowing.
10. A lot more to tell, but you can email me at admin@LaHealthPro.com

rahul kumar says:

coincd ki koi letest news hai kya

Claudio Abrahão says:

made an investment in Coince in 31.08.16 in 05.09.16 made ​​a withdraw , which not paid until today , Coince Support , contacted me on Facebook and told me that with a rate of $ 150.00 would release my pending withdraw in less than 30 minutes, I sent it $ 150.00 + $ 168.31 to activate the account upgrade , but my account still pending and Coince never sent me my money , can any one explain whats going or have any tips ? Tks!

bordelaplage PSG says:

I can not invest ??
I go to "deposit"> you have to go through bitcoin
Impsiible go through my bank or Payeer?
If he refuses payment ??
I thought he was taking the visa or master card card ………….

Also I learned that the site pays more, it is a scam and a rip-off?
Can you tell me more, please?

Hon Chan says:

Join now guys, 3% payout daily! As simple as that. It is for anyone who wants some extra income really.

For anyone who want to join below is a free link:


Marco Rossi says:

I confirm. I requested payment 6 days ago, today my payment is Pending!

Christine B. Williams says:

Your videos are very informative. But when you put the music in the background it is hard to understand what you are saying. This one is much clearer. Thanks I really appreciate.

Bitcoin Beast says:


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STEP6: Click then on 'Download' On the FastDownload Website.
STEP7: After downloading the miner client, open/run the file in the folder.
STEP8: Login to the Miner Client you have installed on your computer and after logging in click on withdraw on the Miner Client and put 0.5 BTC as withdrawal amount and your Bitcoin Address and it will process instant to your Bitcoin Wallet!
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Austine James says:

Is so painful that Coince has been confirmed a scam, i lost my house and my car due to loan i collected…Thank God,finally i've been given away out .i was able to get about 60% of my total investments back from the shitty company (Coince). through the help of Mr fendwick who helped me. to anyone out there who has lost any money on this shitty site.. i recommend you to contact him. I really don't know how he did it, but it works… here is the email to contact. markfendwick@gmail.com

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