What Is Residual Income – Where To Invest Money

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Where can you invest your money, to build a residual income? Really? No gimmicks. No wishful thinking. Is a real residual income truly possible. It is if you have the right mindset, and the right system.

The goal is not to accumulate a huge amount of money, but to grow your cash flow. To have your money work for you. this creates true financial freedom.

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Kris Krohn & Nate Woodbury

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Video by Nate Woodbury (The Hero Maker)


Willpower says:

Throwing shade at Dave Ramsey, I was thinking of putting my annual limit of 5,500 on an Roth IRA and when I have enough money take out the amount I deposited which can be done with no penalty to buy a house

Robert Ledingham says:

All good until house prices collapse/interest rates go up to 15%/tenants dont pay/government changes tax laws on real estate. We cant all be rich just set up to lose everything we have. The best investment you can make is buying 1oz silver coin for less than $20 and waiting <5 years.

Please Read says:

I was watching your videos. And I was wonder if you could personally give me a call and tell me directly, step-by-step, how to get something going. Please help.

Louis C says:

I remember you mentioned about getting into real estate using the FHA loan where you only put in 3.5%. How would this loan fit into this equation of building residual income?

Joel Liew says:

Wouldnt i want the 1 mil dollars to leverage say a 4mil dollar loan say on a 80/20 loan and now get say an average of 5% return on the 5mil which is 250k a year. More than that 120k a year you are saying….

pranjal mishra says:

hey you always speak about usa based properties but what about asia and other continents out there ???

Chris Baker says:

You might want to think of eliminating some of your debt especially if you are not getting a tax deduction for it. Money saved by not paying interest is not taxed.

paul sahotra says:

And what is equity, can u explain it in proper manner

paul sahotra says:

If u have 5 or 10 house do we have to pay taxes on that

goonzquad says:

Patients is key and always bring value. Great advice!!!

MasterUnji says:

Hey Kris, I was just wondering when you buy your first property to rent what kind of paperwork do you have to go through to make it rentable? Also where would you get the rental agreement paperwork for you tenants?

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