What is Crowd1 – In a nut shell.

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💥This is a short video explaining in a nut shell what is Crowd! Thank you again to all my subscribers.

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Lady In Blue says:

Why is USA not in the country of residence when someone is registering in US?

warlito villacorta says:

You talked about gambling. So some of the money comes from it. I tried to offer crowd 1 to a member of Jeohova’s witness , all at once they say no. . Because it is prohibited in the Bible….they say

Hezekiah Omweri says:

Crowd1 is a multi-level marketing company that aims to build a community to develop an online entertainment industry. Crowd1 is based in Spain where it trades as Impact Crowd Technology S.L.
In November 2019, Norway's gaming and foundation authority, Lotteri- og stiftelsestilsynet determined that Crowd1 operates with a pyramid structure to generate revenue. Pyramid structures always eventually fail, and most people, even high up the pyramid lose their money.
In January 2020, in Burundi, the largest city Bujumbura Crowd1 was raided and over 300 people arrested, 17 of whom were placed in custody for promoting Crowd1, described as a Ponzi scheme
In Paraguay on 6 February 2020 the Comisión Nacional de Valores (CNV) issued a securities fraud warning against Crowd1, advising against investment. CNV identifies Crowd1 as an unregistered securities offering. Promoters of Crowd1 in Paraguay face up to three years imprisonment or a fine.
On 21 February 2020 the Bank of Namibia declared Crowd1 a pyramid scheme and warned the promoters to stop their activities immediately. The bank stated "Crowd1 does not sell tangible products or render any service of essential value, but the primary source of income for Crowd1 is the sale of membership packages to new members".
The Bank of Namibia (BON) declared Crowd1's operations to be an undesirable practice, which in terms of that country's laws could mean a R1 million fine or 10 years in prison for anyone who continues to promote it.
It’s 100% a Ponzi/Pyramid scheme
Stelios Piskopianos and Johan Stael von Holstein are the key figures involved and need to be investigated.
They are currently riding on coronavirus fears and what they are doing is going to harm vulnerable people, which is immoral.
Pyramid schemes rely on recruiting new members and cheating the ones on the bottom. If you are ok with cheating your friends and family or any vulnerable people online who might trust you, then go ahead.
I will never cross that line personally, It requires you to develop deception methods, which changes your personality and can change how you see others and how people see you.
Family and friends who are wise will lose their trust in you, so it can effect your reputation, and I have seen it destroy relationships.
No matter how far up the pyramid you may think you are, you can still lose everything when the scheme can no longer recruit.

Dava tube says:

please tell us, sir how we can withdraw and pay the money being in Ethiopia

Ethane hunt says:

Are our c1 reward points tranferred to our c1 account balance? And how much euros would we get in our account lets say if we have 100 c1 points and finally do my friends who joined after march 30 would also get the reward points transfered to their c1 account balance

Oscar Omondi says:

Thank you Mr Healy, this will help my prosoects

LeagueismyJOB LeagueismyJOB says:

I like how defensive crowd1 is to criticism. If there was nothing to hide there should be no need to be so defensive. Ponzi scheme, RUN.

Aaron Gannaway says:

How much money have you made mate. Please create an in depth video demonstrating your ‘profit’. Seems like you are trying to entice people to join the pyramid under you xx

Aaron Gannaway says:

This is so cooked bro

Devine love Ronra says:

How ? And what are you offering ? Don’t try to fool people

Nicole Elandi says:

Thank you so much Sir Chist Healy. Great!

Rosechristy Nnabuoro says:

Good morning sir I have friends over here in Italy who are ready to pay for a package but because I don't know how to upgrade them using SEPA I have lost all of them please can you teach me how to help them pay for their package using a bank transfer I just lost some one who is ready to register with her 99euros but I couldn't help, please can you help me out?

Crowd1 Help says:

just wanted to say I am a big fan mr Healy. I respect your emotion and attitude behind every video you make. Your body language, respect, honest truth, passion etc is amazing to see how you believe in Crowd1. I am also a believer and I'm incredibly thankful for this opportunity. I work very hard every day to learn something new but also teach me to make others reach the same mentality. I believe your mindset is the biggest thing to make your dreams a reality. And then your only limit is you. I believe in motivation now thanx to Crowd1 and a lot of your advice. I am more thankful to the few that blocked me on facebook for introducing them to crowd1. I take that heart break and tell myself every day I am worth it. God is with me on this amazing journey and I have met some amazing people in Crowd1 which is the best feeling ever. I work hard to achieve greatness. And I just wanted to say thanx for your effort and passion for being different. I see the deeper connection you are trying to make and keep going! You are a true human being seeing the smaller things first. Thank you for all the hope and motivation. I hope we get to meet someday so I can share my story with you through crowd1. Keep up the good work! 🙂

Mme Diouf Ndeye Pathe says:

Here to win the titanium package.

G Wi says:

Thanks Very simple and easy to follow..Cheers

wayne sampson says:

Awesome stuff!,great vid! what is the name of the company that Johan has on NASDAQ?

Scarlet Em says:

sir can you please explain how we will pay and withdraw if We are living in canada?

Sunshine Romero says:

Wow crowd1 the best

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