What I looked like before 9 cosmetic procedures! 🙈 *exposing myself* tehe

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I have had my lips done a few times, I’ve gotten under eye filler a few times, a few non surgical nose jobs, and cheek filler once. I used to wear a lot of makeup, now I wear none. I am constantly changing my skincare routine, the way I do my makeup or how much I wear, and I like to experiment with filler. I have found the perfect combo for me, and I have shared my journey with all of you. Many people have a lot to say about the topic of surgeries and procedures when it comes what I have had done, but more importantly, what other women have had done and the idea of procedures as a whole. I am making this video to hopefully start a healthy conversation and to also educate you guys on the reality of making changes to our bodies.

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Shem Ortiz says:

How did you do that? How did you do a voice over on your instagram photo album video? I want to do a YouTube video teaching people how to do videos like me, the way I edited my videos. But the only thing that I have not master just yet, is the voice over on a video techniques. Can you teach me if I send you an email message? By the way. You're boyfriend looks like the NBA player Kristaps Porzingis. =) Ha!

~Shem Ortiz~

M. G. says:

Sweetheart, you are natural beauty. You most definitely don't need Anything. However, I do like your attitude about all you've done. It is refreshing. I agree if ppl feel better changing something in whatever way, by all means do what makes You feel good. However, I also believe that ALL ppl are beautiful, no matter what. There is beauty in everyone, and it is sad that we are made to feel less than bc of movies and magazines, etc.. But it's important to remember that there is SOO much that goes into what we see, even aside from the possible nose job etc…. you have lighting, editing, filters, makeup, angles.. etc etc etc… its amazing what editing can do. So anyone reading this, don't feel bad about yourself, know YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL for EXACTLY who you are. I love what you're doing Alana, keep it up! You have a great attitude about all of it, and are educating a lot of ppl about things they are not exposed to. But again, if there's something that will make YOU happy and it's not drastic, I'm for it. Otherwise you run the risk of falling into what you have started to see in that you stop appreciating your own true beauty and think you have to HAVE all these things to be beautiful. I think, Do what makes you happy, but don't stray too far form your true self, and always remind yourself you are beautiful regardless.. and anyone who thinks you're not, you don't want in your life anyway. Everyone is beautiful. <3 -Love your videos.

Esa Mohammed says:

Pretty but still very avarage and boring

Esa Mohammed says:

This girl really needs.to see naturally beautiful girls like tennessee thresher and sara baig etc etc hahahaha she would be dead

Cristina says:

You were a simple pretty plane Jane before. Now you have some exotic features, such as curves and big lips for the “extra” you needed…that’s cool. Nothing wrong with that.

sakura pegg says:

There should be no argument here. If you look at it biblically, God’s word, which is the correct way to look at it since he is the creator (believe it or not). It is unnatural to INJECT substances INTO your body, to literally ALTER the way you look. Of course, today’s society has made such a faulty perception on our bodies. We see body hair. Hair that grows ON your body. Hair that you were born with. Hair that is meant to be there. As a “turn off” if not shaved in specific areas, or if your eyebrows are too bushy and seem “unhygienic.” It Should not be compared to plastic. Yes, it can change the way you look. The same thing injecting plastic does. “Grooming” yourself is just “hygienic” and it “improves” the way you look NATURALLY. You can use plastic to create a natural LOOK. There is a huge difference. Yes, it may be such a tiny amount, but in the creators eyes, it is a huge insult. He created you the way you are. Please, do not let society change that. People let other PEOPLE get into their minds, making them feel bad, as if they do not meet the standards such tiny minded beings made. You are you. Which also means that you are in control of your life at the end of day, so you do you.

Hwkn says:

This is so fucking stupid

jessica bon says:

you were flawless before filler and still are after. you look great without makeup, im sure you dont need me to tell you that hahaha

Tessa Woodly says:


Gina E. Anton says:

Are you judging people for the things you've done too only because other people judge you and you don't like it? Subjects like this should not be approached by everybody… It's normal to judge on others but not on you. It's also great to change your appearance if it makes you happy but as long as you don't look different. haha )) In my country you call that "seting your own suitcase on fire".

POWOW TV says:

You're pretty and most of all after you had it dissolved. You really didn't need the duck face and your nose is cute. Originality is beautiful

Linbackerslbc 1 says:

Ha. My comment was deleted.

Josué Nduwayo says:

Did your just compare makeup to a haircut ? .. you're reaching there.

lyss suzanne says:

idk why everyone is being so mean. it’s her channel, her face, it’s her life. everyone is talking about how she’s getting defensive but not even asking WHY. to have people tell you that your choices are wrong or make you feel fake to the point where you can’t even enjoy how you look would absolutely suck. i’m a christian, i’m very conservative, i love natural beauty. but if someone came to me and asked if i wanted to get rid of one of my biggest insecurities (the extra skin on my chin that never goes away due to the fact that it’s just genetics and every girl in my family has it) i would do it! i in no way judge her for making small changes. she was and is so beautiful! let’s just spread love and kindness and stop feeling the need to make others feel inferior.

Dee Eliana says:

People are so bloody mean!! Leave her alone she’s young and probably a lot smarter in this type of subject then most people. Keep the videos up I love them girl !!! ❤️❤️

maithili josalkar says:

Lmao, what is she even saying ?

Eisha Ang says:

but why are you all so mean tho…

Ingrid H says:

Now I just feel like she’s just shaming people with plastic surgery… because she was “already pretty” before and they “where not”

s shstyles says:

you are such a bean! you're so relatable and funnyyyy and really beautiful! we love you so much,keep up!!

Zx Su says:

Not gonna judge ethically cosmetic surgery, face-tuning, or whatever modification anyone does on their body or face. Just from aesthetic view – of course, beauty is subjective and I am not an expert – but some of the nuances of your face struck me as inharmonic and stiff visually. It's hard to describe them in detail but something about your eyes, nose, and lips just looks unnatural and uncomfortable to my eyes. I have only seen this type of feature on those who have done invasive cosmetic procedures. It's not very obvious – I would guess you did something but not be 100% sure if I hadn't heard you admit it. And when I see your pictures before, I don't recognize there's any improvement, if not the opposite. Honestly, I think they look more pleasing without being tinted by that artificial fakeness.
I just feel sorry when I see someone does cosmetic procedures that are supposed to improve their appearance but come out as disservice. There are a lot of cases who completely destroyed their face. You are not one of them but a lot of the time it comes out as a very "cheap design". And I think that's the problem of this industry. There are a lot of intricacies about the mechanism of face perception. It's a consequence of a million years of evolution. And billions of neurons are involved in the process. I am definitely not one of those who think "organic“ or "natural" must be better than "chemicals" or "artificial." But if you're gonna tamper with your facial features in a permanent way, especially when you don't have any major flaws or even already look beautiful, make sure you know what you're doing. The people selling will not reject a customer, but what you are buying is not guaranteed to benefit you.

zin82e98 says:

Why are people so obsessed with how they look?

kawaii walrus says:


Desiree Castro says:

You sound dumb sorry..

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