What Are Revshare Websites or Revenue Sharing Websites and How do They Work

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Revenue sharing websites is still relatively new. They only started about 2 years ago.

Traffic Exchange (TE) websites have been there much longer like easyhits4u.com. They have been there since 2003 and they are the largest TE out there.

Traffic Exchanges will charge webmasters and internet marketers fees to list websites, banners and text ads. They also have subscribtions too. With TE you don’t earn any hard money, but when you surf and view other websites you earn credits. These credits you may exchange for websites views.

Revenue Sharing or Revshare websites changed all of this. They work on the same basis as Traffic Exchange websites but now they offer profit sharing to members for surfing and buying Adpacks.

When you buy adpacks you are buying website views. So you load your website onto the Revshare website, buy adpacks and surf 10 websites minimum per day.

Some Revshare websites offer great rewards to members. That is why there is great interest in these websites today.

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Matthew Symon says:

Very well made video that explains this perfectly, thank you and please keep up these videos!

Tony Ong says:

this seems pretty easy to do, I'll give it a try. Thanks

Mia Larson says:

Thanks for clearing that up for me Colin, I have been wondering about that for a while now. Great video 🙂

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