Webinar BeonPush 2/03/2017.news with ferkidemirovski

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Annarita Sardo says:

Ferki said and wrote that profits can start at 10,000 beontel sold, unless we give a hand to the company to start … We will never see the profits again.
Those who sent smoke into the company are users who have made double, triple accounts … not Ferki.

Ferki wrote to me via email that if he does not reach the 10,000 phones he can not start the business … All the world loses money …

Bernd Mutschler says:

Be happy with my money! See you…..

Jacques Devriendt says:

Bonjour, Ferki signal (dans la 43mn du webinair) que les remboursements sont terminé , mon filleul a rempli tout les docs nécessaires pour ce faire rembourser et il n'a toujours rien reçu .?? (15000€) tu peux m'expliquer . Merci d'avance .

Денис Самодумский says:

Stole my money!

Monika Pavona says:

Awesome, I also believe in the future of cryptocurrency. Never really lost faith in BOP and Ferki, great job. I appreciate that he didn't quit and never gave up. We all of the community can support now with buying e.g. the phones with our BOPS or other pruducts in the store.

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