Venture Alliance English Day 3, I SCREWED UP DON’T DO THIS !!! Ng Gavin

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Spike Milligan says:

I've been doing VA for 10 days now, its the real deal. money goes into your payment processor and isn't held in some online account like other systems.

00cRistian02 says:

Hello friend, you know ??? PayGet is the same manager as venture alliance, support confirm it. If you are not you can register here: It has the same system as Venture Alliance, but this started the March 30, 2016 (recently).

BTC LEW says:

Ng Gavin, I just join you, Cheers !

Talilis says:

i have a long time in this sit and no problem for any questions

carl grant says:

thanks for the response

carl grant says:

what about paying tax on it. just curious before i sign on the dotted line. any suggestion

Abdel says:

So Venture Alliance pays out. I hope it stays like that cuz Im gonna put some money in theree soon 🙂 .. Gaving I appologize if I am spamming ur page. But would you please check a new revshare website I talk about in my videos mybe if you wanna try it out and then talk about ur journey because I am new to making videos and English is not my native language and honestly you explain things in a nice way :)

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