Ultimate Revshare Review Calculator SCAM with Sean Logan

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Join Ultimate Revshare: http://www.clkmg.com/pushtofreeze/URS1

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Tom Taylor says:

Tom Taylor has a very bad online reputation for anyone that researches his past scams http://behindmlm.com/mlm-reviews/megacyclerclub-review-wealth4life-launch-2nd-ponzi-cycler/ It seems as if URS changes rules every day as well

yankee b says:

hi Sean..I joined ultimate revshare just over an hour ago and so far there is still no media pack earning showing in the dashboard. I have joined with $40 and i know its still a bit low but if the program pays something every 60 minutes or so, aren't I suppose to earn a little bit of money already? the program says that I need to surf again after (no time) displayed but right under this message its says no surfing required at present time until further notice. so what is going on?

Gilbert Leeds says:

Hi Sean,

Great informational video on Ultimate Rev Share. I have burned on one rev share program previously so I am a little nervous about joining but if I join I will definately join with you.

Calai Cacay says:

Hi Sean I open an account under your link but how come I put a small amount of money to start but it didn't appear in my account.

Mark Spicer says:

So the best thing to do with the starter pack is to reinvest daily?

FrayHerrmann says:

Ultimate Revshare PONZI…falseprofits.com/MLM%20Lies.html

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