Traffic Wave Surfing Presentation Review (English) – Day 1

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TrafficWave Surfing
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Aren Papayan says:

So its 100% that you get that perecent back every day or can you make more or less

Aren Papayan says:

How long do revshares stay up on average

Ridwan Mohamed says:

Can I Get free cash ?

Monpura Nayeem says:

hello, now i,m joining at your team. can you teal me how to do the work

shark craft Animation says:

thank you so much and please i joind in your email list but couldn't get TWS calculator
and i sent you requst in fb plz accpept me with name " hafa bobo"

yes4motivation says:

do we need to click 5-10 daily to qualify for rev share?

Irfan Asghar says:

perfect as usual….i almost watched all ur videos related to Traffic wave …..and join ur team…..would u please accept my friend request on facebook…….thanks again……i ll get back to u as soon as required any help.

MMMPule NkuWelkom says:

Hi Logan, Im a South African and i need your advice which payment processor can you recommend for me if i need to invest in hyips or rev shares.

stupidcash69 says:

Love your videos Logan. You know quite a bit about rev shares. Have you thought about getting your own rev share started?

TGH CyberButler says:

is diz ip based on…can i logging with different ip

Mateusz Koralewicz says:

Nice video Logan 🙂
I'm doing some videos on Traffic Wave Surfing myself so You can go ahead and check those out 😉
I've got a whole How-To series on my channel and adding videos daily.

Eternal Dog says:

Good to see you're expanding to even more RevShares, getting to learn more and more about different types and styles. I Just recently went into a new one that opened a few days ago. Promising 150% in maximum of 7 days. Already over 1000 members. Relaunched 30th of last month due to server overload, increased packs from $1 to $5. It's called ads150 if you want to check it out. Would like to hear your thoughts on it. Can give you my referral link if you want.

I saw it and instantly thought, if i get into it early, earn a bit of money (Only put it $10, 3 days ago, made nearly $4.50 already) and then funnel my profits into traffichubb. (Noticed it was in the background of your video as an advertisement too)

Anyway, goodluck with your traffic wave venture and your future ventures.

Sheila Spring says:

Great! you are awesome :)

Joel Neal says:

When I told you about this program you didn't even bother to answer me even though you saw my messages. And now I see you join it. Doasen;t feel nice at all…

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