Traffic Network Takeover (TNT) Day 47, May 9 – How To Buy AdPacks – Business Strategy With TNT

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More Info on TrafficNetwork Takeover (TNT) :

Ryan Hauser launched TNT on March 23…. Learn about the three types of AdPacks, and learn how to transfer funds and buy packs, and consider Compensation Plan Strategies.

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Pascal Lafond says:

Great TNT review.

Greg Douglas says:

Laptop Lifestyle – LOVE IT! THIS IS WHY WE NEED TO BE IN THIS INDUSTRY! And this is why we NEED strong programs like TNT. Not sure which I like better, TNT or "where you're doing it!"

Peter Karl says:

Nice backdrop to your review…I could get used to that too!

Michael Potter says:

I like TNT reckon it will be a laster, nice tutorial

Wolf Douchy says:

Great video about TNT ! :D

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