Traffic Monsoon URGENT Update – Apology – 4th March 2016

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+44 7966 871854 – Adrian Hibbert

I don’t claim to be an Expert or Professional Speaker within the Traffic Monsoon Business….but some people see me as that…
I was never any good at English in school or any good at using the right words in a speech or conversation….but I was good at
Maths and thats how I ended up owning 38 properties….

Lots of people are calling me every hour with regards to Traffic Monsoon PayPal Problems and issues…Most of the people that are calling me are not in my Traffic Monsoon Team… they state they have tried to contact their own sponsor but their own sponsor has failed to call them back and some of these Sponsors are so called ‘Leaders’…. so these people have reached out to me instead for advice and Traffic Monsoon Support…

I have been through a difficult time over the last few weeks in dealing with my own 146 personal Active Sign ups into Traffic Monsoon…but when people are calling me that are not in my team and RECORDING the call and putting me in a difficult situation is totally unfair…

I know who the person that recorded the call and I understand that this person has had health and mental problems in the past whilst in other affiliate programs…

And sadly there are 1 or 2 Traffic Monsoon Leaders out there that for some reason are not happy with the way I run my Traffic Monsoon business…I know who you are…Sadly maybe some jealousy kicking in.. again which is really sad…I’ve never had this problem in any other business online but there’s always a first.

I don’t claim to be perfect and I do make mistakes and I may of said something I regret while being under pressure…

I have apologised to Charles Scoville on a private message and he has confirmed to me that Traffic Monsoon will get through this as we have the best Attorney on the case working very hard behind the scenes…

I’m still here building my Traffic Monsoon business while a load of you I know are jumping into the next best shiny object Rev Share that is trying to compete with Traffic Monsoon. I feel you should be keeping your money in Traffic Monsoon and continuing to build Traffic Monsoon in this difficult time.

And finally for all the people that think that I am trying to Pitch Traffic Monsoon members into other Affiliate Programs….well we are in the Network Marketing Industry….and thats what I use Traffic Monsoon for… I use Traffic Monsoon to build my list…I have been spending over a $1000 a month on all the Traffic Monsoon Services which include Cash Links and Text Links… I’m not just telling my team to click 10 Ads a Day… I’m helping and training my team to use all the other great services that will help them brand themselves and build their list of contacts as well…Thats what Traffic Monsoon is all about.. making new contacts, building your list and sharing other programs and business’s…

Anyway, sorry to drag on with all this…I need to get back to building my team now and look forward to my continued success in Traffic Monsoon

Adrian Hibbert
Internet Marketing Coach/Mentor


dinheiro certo nas mãos says:

o melhor ptc do mundo o pagamento minimo é de 2 dólares e cai na hora na sua conta

James Curtis says:

quick question, what are you using for this video? the software looks clear video etc so would like to know what you using

kajtih amin says:

if anyone looking for a long stable revshare ^program , checkout my channel

Football Bandit says:

Hi Adrian try not to worry about these things.  At the least it is a major misunderstanding.  Recording it is not fair.  I am in Traffic Monsoon and am looking for other opportunities.  Can you tell me about the business you mentioned you are doing as well…

Mike Putt says:

Hi Adrian, one sure sign of success is when you get haters 🙂 personally I think you are a great down to earth guy


You are doing a good job

Иван Галушкин says:


Roger Lee says:

My 3 months of waiting for pending status. I could not cash out and now my account was block. Do not trust Charles and all his business partner. Traffic Monsoon cannot be TRUSTED.

Fortune Fortune says:

Doing such a great job , God bless you . People are just hard work sometimes , some may want to break you down so just keep moving

Lucie Nadon says:

thanks for the apologies but I think you need to stop bouncing around and I'm not even on your team and I think its weird

Masroor Ahmed says:

Hey Adrian I am masroor one of your member I trust you even tho I didn't call you,you are sorted and doing a great job for urself I just hope traffic monsoon come back to normal

dilse dilse says:

good one

Toms Friend Kake says:

You should investigate if Charles is even in a Paypal dispute. It could be a fake claim and he is running off with the money. I would contact PayPal directly.

Stricklybiz Mr Shaun King says:

I'm enjoying the wave

Asma Akhtar says:

Oh Gosh that is fraud

Rufat YIA says:

Don't trust Traffic Monsoon. They are liars! They blocked my account for no reason. I can't update my profile info and get access to my account. I contacted them, but nothing worked. They keep saying your sign up email is different and we can't help you. Liars! Shame on you! I will add a link to my updated review here to prove my words in a day or two.

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