Traffic Monsoon Scam? Yes It Is In My Opinion!

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Click the following link to check my facts about the Traffic Monsoon scam:

Traffic Monsoon is advertised as a specialized advertising and revenue sharing company that allows international participation of individuals and groups. A common scam that is run on the internet is the advertising revenue sharing scam. The way this scam works is you buy ads to participate in a revenue share and you click on ads to create traffic for others who have done the same. It is basically a closed marketing system where you are marketing to other advertisers and clicking on each others ads. Banners Broker is a good example of this type of scam. Here is what I have found out about Traffic Monsoon.


truesacha says:

start a scam….claim there are problems and run off with people's $$$$

Senthil Kumar says:

dear all

I am one among the many loosers who lost money in the so called traffic monsoon program. though what I lost is only usd 750.

this is all how it started. my friend introduced me to this channel called tm network n i registered n too start with I invested usd 500 as per the training I ve been clicking for days n without withdrawing I kept purchasing n invested usd 750 more.

since it was working fine I recruited 3 members under me n made them invest USD 500 each.

it's on febuary that tm stopped the way it was functioning so i waited patiently for a month n then tried to withdraw my money through PayPal n without any dispute usd 500 was settled n the remaining 750 usd was not. in the meantime I tried to log in my account n found that account has been blocked.

when raised a ticket I was informed that since I applied for a refund I m listed as a blocked account holder and cannot be reactivated.

dear people I ve mentioned what I came across and can Mr. Charles Scoville justify what s been won on my account is correct.

according to common sense anyone who invest their money n see no returns would obviously try to withdraw.

I m going to keep my campaign active until I get my money USD 750 refunded back to my account.

Momir Ratkovic says:

SCAM 100%

Zaliv co says:

SCAM SCAM SCAM,…..they frozen my $ saying there was paypal issue….4 months later when asking when I will be able to take my $ they blocked my account….dont even think about them typical scammers

Ria Giroux says:

So is it safe to say that "be on push" works the same as Traffic Monsoon and is a scam as well? Are there any revenue share programs that you do recommend, or are they all a scam in your opinion?

Roger Lee says:

My account was being block without a valid reason. My years of earning was put into pending status and now it was block my account. More than 300 dollars was gone in the wind.

Praise and Worship says:

I'm reluctant to join this program because back in 2011-2012- I got burned with Banners Broker , I was buying traffic packs to  build my business and one day I tried logging into my account and bamm. GONE. NO WEBSITE, NO MONEY.   This has the same business model if you ask me.
11 Things You Should Know About Banners Broker
UPDATE 12/9/15: Toronto police arrested two Canadian men operating Banners Broker on fraud, false representations and pyramid scheme charges in connection with the company that was billed as an Internet advertising business. The men, Christopher George Smith, of Toronto, and Rajir Dixit, of Vancouver, netted more than $90 million from people worldwide and allegedly funneled the money into off-shore accounts, police said. The investigation into Banners Broker began in 2013 and involved several Canadian agencies and the FTC. Banners Broker website was shut down in 2014. What follows is’s original investigation into the company.
Banners Broker International, Inc. (BBI) promises to give you “the tools to help you meet your financial and lifestyle goals.”
But has recently received a number of complaints from readers about the company. Banners Broker, which began in 2010 and claimed to have 250,000 affiliates by the end of 2012, is owned by Canadians, based in Belize, and has a holding company in the Isle of Man. It operates in dozens of countries including the U.S., Canada, Portugal, and India, and trades in U.S. dollars. It promises a revolutionary way to earn revenue online, and encourages members to earn more money by signing up friends and family.
BBI packages can cost affiliates thousands of dollars but the company has claimed that affiliates can double their money with this program. But is Banners Broker running a legitimate business or an illegal pyramid scheme?
How it works
The company asserts that through its “Ad-Pub Combo Package” members advertise their business on numerous websites on the BBI network while, at the same time, they can earn advertising revenues as a publisher through “specialized and targeted publisher sites created by Banners Broker” and “generate revenue through a home-based business.” If you’re confused by this explanation, is too, and that’s a warning sign — pyramid companies are masters of disguise, and one of their favorite ways to hide the true nature of their business is to bury the details of the business with confusing terminology.
Banners Broker CEO Chris Smith likes to say, “the future for Banners Broker is bright.” Smith may believe that but here are eleven things a ( investigation turned up about the company that we think you should know:
1.Banners Broker International Ltd’s holding company in the Isle of Man was put into liquidation in March 2014. The company, whose only asset on the Isle of Man appears to be a $6-million bank account, did not contest the liquidation.
2.In early 2013, Indian authorities in Goa froze the bank accounts of Banners Broker India Ltd and seized the company’s books, files, documents and hard disks based on allegations of economic offense involving “a huge sum of money.” BBI, claimed that the investigation resulted from “unfounded complaints…” and that it had moved its office from Goa to Bangalore.
3.With no advance notice, BBI closed its offices in Ireland and terminated its Irish representative, Paul McCarthy, in late August 2013, according to Irish newspaper accounts. As many as 15,000 individuals had invested in the Banners Broker program in Ireland in 2013, according to some estimates. McCarthy had said at a 2012 recruitment meeting secretly filmed by a news reporter that people could quadruple their money with BBI, a claim he later denied making.
4.The company currently has an F rating with the U.S. BBB. Of 15 complaints filed since March 2012, Banners Broker failed to respond to 13 of them.
5.In Canada, Banners Broker was put on the New Brunswick Securities Commission’s Caution List in September 2012 because of its activity in other jurisdictions. The Commission stated that BBI is not registered to trade in securities or to provide investment advice in New Brunswick, and urged consumers to get informed about investment fraud.
6.Beginning sometime in 2013, BBI affiliates began receiving their commissions late, received only partial commissions, or none at all. BBI admitted in November 2013 that “[t]here have been issues in the past and we acknowledge that the payouts have not been as regular as they should have been. We are working hard to remedy that and it is important to us that payments go out regularly and consistently.” (Emphasis added by BBI)
7.BBI had been providing payouts using a company called Vector Card Services, LLC to its affiliates with prepaid MasterCards – a fact that some used to reject allegations that BBI is a pyramid scheme. However, in early 2013, MasterCard cancelled its contract with BBI. Smith explained, “Unfortunately MasterCard has the option in their contract to cancel the contract any time. The email I received said that because of bad publicity surrounding Banner Brokers, they would not want to be associated with BB any longer.”
8.After MasterCard cancelled its contract, BBI introduced World eWallet in December 2013 as a payment processor for affiliates. Smith said: “This is one of the components on the road to recovery on the payout issue. Let me make this crystal clear, this does not mean that everyone will get paid on day one. I don’t want to over-excite, but I want to make you aware that this is the step to getting us back on track.”
9.Former BBI Chief Operating Officer Rajiv Dixit is no stranger to working with companies accused of being pyramid schemes. Prior to his affiliation with BBI, Dixit worked for ICF World Homes, which was alleged to be a pyramid scheme and is no longer in operation. Dixit was quoted as saying, “I do believe ICF was not a pyramid, as I would not be involved with one.”
10.Dixit and BBI have been engaged in some fishy business themselves. In a slight of hand, the Canadian company known as Bannersbroker Limited changed its name to Stellar Point Inc. in July 2012. BBI said that Stellar Point was “an independent firm who was contracted by Banners Broker to handle support, training and marketing for Banners Broker.” And who, you might ask was in charge of Stellar Point? None other than former COO of BBI, Rajiv Dixit, who was the CEO and President of Stellar Point Inc. BBI apparently ended its relationship with Stellar Point in August 2013 saying:  “[o]n August 1, 2013, a decision was made at Banners Broker, in an attempt to further reduce the cost of running a support centre, to move the support to the head office in Belize. At this time, the contract with Stellar Point . . . was terminated . . ..” Dixit is now running his own think tank called The Dixit Consortium.
11.The image of Smith shown in a Banners Broker marketing video is reportedly a stock photo and is inconsistent with other pictures of the young “math genius” behind the scheme.
If you want to file a complaint against Banners Broker in the U.S.  you can contact the FTC and the SEC.  More information about the firms overseeing the liquidation on the Isle of Man can be found here. You can also request a charge back from your credit card company if you paid for services you feel the company never rendered.Hint :when paypal start pulling out , you should pull out too.

Yassine Chaachaa says:

Of course it is a scam. ive done too. it is a fake economy.

Simon Belmont says:

As Ethan said, PayPal froze their other online scams. As of Jan 11, 2016. PayPal has now also frozen the Traffic Monsoon account leaving everyone without the ability to collect payouts from this scheme. You can read this on Trafficmonsoon's own blog. On their blog they have been promising payouts for almost a month until they resolve the payment processor issue. No legit processor will accept this business model so good luck with that. They recommend instead using Payza, which is another scam run out of Germany. Read about Payza on

MakeMoneyOnlineUK says:

fools will always be fools. TM is for ignorant fools. you can make money online but not tru this bs called tm.

supermanisback26 says:

I knew he was going to shut down trafficmonsoon and now he is waiting on paypal to release funds into his trafficmonsoon bank in Dubai you can all say goodbye to trafficmonsoon and your money.

Playster says:

What about Kairos Planet? Is that a scam? It work's in a similar way but they sell it as an IT company. I know people who has hundreds of referals on Kairos Planet. They use a different payment processor too?

I'm so curious. So many people seem to be getting rich quick

Moe Baller says:

Is ACN a scam ? @Ethan Vanderbuilt

Gerald Smith says:

You are right Ethan

Charles Scoville says:

PayPal said we grew too fast in too short amount of time, and they are holding onto the money we use to pay people. In time this money will all be released from paypal. No one lost anything except patience. We're working hard to get people paid asap! We're getting closer to resolution. I recognize people are needing to get paid, and I am working very hard to get that done for you all. I'm sad to see so many people accusing me of scamming them, when in fact it is paypal who is holding onto the funds and will release them. We're working on many strategies for obtaining funds to pay people while we await the release of funds from PayPal.

Something to bare in mind. If paypal was blocking TM because of legal / scam issues, they wouldn't have allowed purchases to remain turned ON for 30 days. Let's get that message out there so people know that we truly only had to part ways with paypal because we were growing too large too fast, and this put paypal into a risky position.

Charles Scoville says:

If you look at the alexa rank for many ptc sites and traffic exchanges, you'll find traffic monsoon as being one of the leading sources of visitors. You'll also see that people promoting these sites on traffic monsoon are among the highest referring sponsors. The services are real. 9 services generate revenues, and 1 has a sharing position. My previous businesses were not "shut down" but simply closed because of lack of traction in the market place. Full history of my previous businesses:

Tala Baba says:

.Good news: credit card system is about to be tested over the next 2 days starting from tomorrow.1) The credit card payment system will be in place by end of this week and as soon as it's up and running, they will stop Paypal payment processor.2) They are trying to get a loan from some sources in Dubai whilst waiting for the funds to be released from Paypal to process pending withdrawals.So, we should hopefully expect the new system to be up and running by end of this week, God's willing.

Bob86389 says:

If ever I bump into this guy I swear I'm going to clock him solid in the face for being so full of shit and earning off other people looking at his websites because they are gullible and ill-informed.

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