Traffic Monsoon is DEAD!!!

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Traffic Monsoon is DEAD!!!

Is Traffic Monsoon DEAD? This video will tell it all.

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Phone: 3023042672


Sape Sapera says:

yes realy is scamm …never pay u ,all most time change ,paypal with payza …and never pay ,is on bigg scammm and that is new ,you muss take pfoto for ur card to aprove payding ,for what?????? 2 dollars or for scamming ,is all bullshit

‫خالد العنزي‬‎ says:

thanx my friend .

‫خالد العنزي‬‎ says:

my friend the money i put in TM is not even my money i borrowed it, after i put it in TM they had this problem with paybal , i just wanted the money so i could pay it back i didnt mean to harm the company :(

‫خالد العنزي‬‎ says:

they blocked me because u did a paypal dispute, sonsa bitches they didnt pay me my 200$ nor ansowering my messages

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