TopShare Global Strategy

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TopShare Global Strategy

RevShare Strategies – Origianlly created by Ed Newman

Here is Ed Newman safe strategy guide for TopShare Global. They delay the launch until 6/5 for registering their business and office in Dubai, but you can test the site between 5/25 to 5/29.

Here is my safe strategy guide for TopShare Global.

This strategy is designed to minimize your risk!

TopShare Global takes Payza, Payeer, Perfect Money, SolidTrust Pay and Bitcoin for payment processors. Ed highly recommend bitcoin becasue I think Payza charge 5% deposit fee but BitCoin charge only 2% fee. If you don’t have a bitcoin wallet Ed recommend CoinBase. You can get a free account by clicking Here

As you know, this strategy is very similar to the Scrembo Paul’s strategy in his earlier youtube video but with more written explanation from Ed.

Here is Ed’s strategy in a nutshell as follows:

Ed’s basic strategy is to start with $125 in TopShare Global, but I will start with $525 to get the ball rolling faster. You can use more or less fund but you shouldn’t go less than $125. If you start with too small amount it will take too long to build but if you absolutely can’t start with $125, its better to start with less than not start at all.

Ed said you need to first purchase the premium subscription for $25 per month. Its important to start with premium because you can’t change it later and you need the premium benefits such as 5x withdrawals (non premium member only can use 3x withdrawal limit).

In our example, we will then deposit $100 and buy adpacks.

You should then purchase and repurchase 100% for a week and then withdraw the $100 seek money. I also would suggest to repeat this process just like in the Ultimiate RevShare (URS) strategy until you have gotten all of your seed money deposit out.

Zero risk from here on! Now build from profits making 1 withdrawal a week.

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Becky L. says:

Hi Paul, nice recap of Ed´s strategy. I joined with him. Gonna see you in his exclusive Facebook group?

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