Top Share Global Review SCAM Update – TSG is NOW Breaking DOWN LMAO :)

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Top Share Global Review SCAM Update – TSG is NOW Breaking DOWN LMAO 🙂

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My PREDICTION video. Call me an Oracle if you like lol

Do I have to say it? I told you so…lol I am not suprised one bit top share global is now starting to break down. I find it amazing no matter how many times people fail in these broken models, STILL JOIN THEM.

The worst part is, they all use the same bloody excuse for joining them, HONEST OWNER, HONEST ADMIN, trusted admins. Same crap over and over again. Stop been a minion and following the crowd. You are not making money, you are taking other peoples money with the end result, the company collapsing.

The owners know very well the business model is gonna break down, why do it if you know this exact same business model collapsed other revshares? I can only assume, it was there goal to begin with. Is Top Share Global a scam? Maybe, maybe not, but it has all the ingredients for it fail, which is obvious from the beginning.



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Nigel James says:

Sorry, these are on the Click Intensity video page

Nigel James says:

Hi Gene, what is the difference between clicking the "Get Started Now " button, or clicking the hyperlink down the page called "Grab your free marketing system here". Oned goes to the Click Intensity page, the other to a register page.
Please explain the 2 links. Many thanks, Regards Nigel

Ivan Barragan Alonso says:

Eres un crack , me gusta tu sinceridad y tu realismo . Ya podias aconsejarme algunas revshares para poder sacar beneficios

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