Top Share Global Review From NON Affiliate! DOOMED for FAILURE – My Opinion on Why

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Top Share Global Review From NON Affiliate! DOOMED for FAILURE – My Opinion on Why

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Sorry but this company will sink like the rest that milk all you hard working poor people and middle class joes. Fast adpack accumilation means fast withdrawals, which means you lose your deposit faster.


Its near impossible to sustain a revshare business model without new revenue. If new revenue does not come in, then you are just playing with RECYLCED revenue. Its clue because the home page sometimes updates real time stats, but really its just real time recylced deposits from the first deposit. So no new revenue has been generated. I give Top Share Global around 30 days before it collaspes with the amount of people that will be requesting payouts daily that fast.

Then, they will say they have to change things. Then they will say, reserves are depleting. Then its END GAME! you lose. 🙂


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Color chilly says:

Top share global scam or real…?

Jonnah Maz says:

Start with $1 Adpacks mature at 120% with 12% daily returns !!!

HARVEY EARL he is a trusted Admin who pays his members since Aug 2015

No membership fees it's free
min daily withdrawal $10 max is $200
Payza, PM, STP and Payeer

Teokotai Williams says:

Free money…..

Nicole Rodrigues says:

visite nosso site
e apreenda a ganhar dinheiro investindo em bitcoin por meio da HashOcean

seleção de videos says:

He encontrado un sitio PTC BUENA muinto.
Me ganó uno DÓLAR EN UN DÍA!

Brandon Bailey says:

I'll be honest I didn't watch the whole thing so you might be trolling but you do realize your statement about commissions is completely untrue… most big marketers won't promote this because of how little they will be rewarded.. you only get your commissions on the FIRST deposit by a referral.. ever.. that's it.. so if you sponsor someone who wants to test it out and puts $10 you make a $1.. if they deposit $10,000 the next day.. you make $0. Maybe look into it again =D

Hollywood Anderson says:

funny, i talked to top earner and he said he has a 3 week exit period for this. meaning this wont last. why? because too many chiefs under 1 hood all trying to get theres.

Sunny 666 says:

Totally Crab

sandra cummings says:

🙁 when i think about the logic behind joining this, it was based on 100% speed for me. But I see how it can crash an burn the system. I know about T3, same thing happened. It was a great thing though getting all that money early, but the longevity expires fairly fast.

Johnnycaszh says:

fast money, fast cars brotha. while many people fall the HYPE, its true, it will crash and burn, butt here is alot of money to be made!

Interweeve Productions says:

I joined the other day an put in $500. EEK. I see your point though. Speed is not better for this particular niche, but its great for TOP EARNERS lol

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