TMNT S02E11 The Return of Nano

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Enjoy The 11nd Episode of Season 2. Credits goes to Mirage Studios, 4Kids Entertainment, and nickelodeon.


Erichthonius Prime says:

R.I.P. Nano-Boy! You will be missed!

Erichthonius Prime says:

16:35 Trying to talk the nano-boy into being good? He's still angry about last time so I guess there's nothing to talk about!

sparky 357 says:

nano is the only machine we can all feel sorry for, because even if he is powerful, he's only a kid, he wants a family

Sherra Andres says:

I keep on having dreams on how of controlling it, then I merged some legendaries with it, then called it the destroyer.

Conner Gaskell says:

He manipulated that machine bad and ive i was him when he is older id kill that guy

Dgurlie-0 27 says:

Gah!!! The turtles and Splinter as April's parents. "When will you have her home, young man?"

calumon digimon light says: this show! My favorite part in this episode is where casey and april almost kiss

Javier Arteaga Lopez says:

Karen arteaga

Vital Lithic says:

This made me so sad as a kid

TMNTGIRL rejam says:

that is sad

AutoBotGirl 7 says:

This nanobot thing gave me nightmares when I was little so in my mind I say that if the nanobot got hold of some Pokemon technology and build itself then I got the idea to draw it, and I called it the pokenanobot.

PEJPBengtzone says:

20:03 I take it we should not hold breaths for the possibility that she'll be waiting for Harry.

rei-lee tmnt says:

17:0517:09 I love how all of them but leo are to short to hide the rollar coaster

Mohamoud Ali says:


Gregory Murphy says:

I felt sorry for the Nanobot after this episode, all he ever wanted was a family to be apart of

filosofia economica unne says:

He can see a registration number IN A NANOBOT! What kind of microscope he have?!

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