This Isn't Fun But It Makes Me $2k A Hour

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I can almost guarantee if you can simply do these 4 things every day you will become successful in short time frame.



Cutting distractions is essential for making it big!

Kevin Gb. says:

Alex Becker, you said you are a billionaire or millionaire? What business did you make?

Prayer Warrioress says:

Great stuff,thank you very much

Drew Made New says:

I'm single
I work from home
I have no friends
I have no kids

Dear Mom,
Turns out I am going to be a billionaire.

Husain B says:

Looool I'm getting Alex Becker ads on the Alex Becker channel

Dave says:

I enjoyed the really loud sound of the soundtrack to Doom

John Daryl Mandalones says:

I stopped my 9-5 thanks to that here seek out on the web for g r e a t e a s y p a y

Simplexity HD says:

My biggest regret is not putting off instant gratification stuff sooner so much time that realistically was wasted now I'm getting older and playing catch-up. Having those years back to be more serious about my life would be amazing.

Michael Bickley says:

"Butt crack of time" —- Subscribed.

Go to KylesVacations dot com says:

Wow. I agree so much. Thank you.

RONMAYS71 says:

Great info, I will turn away from Youtube for most of the day and get more done. Thank You

Janna Wervelwind says:

@4:36 "Yes this sucks"hahahahha yea man, say em the way it is XD

Janna Wervelwind says:

hahahaha i dont watch tv, if i watch, its' info that gets me further yea

Janna Wervelwind says:

its amazing to see someone explain my lifestyle, yea i know what you mean, 8hours a day just aint enough, make it 16 yea (dan pena style XD)
Your real, i like that.

And yea, 8hours job where boss doesnt look over shoulder all the time…perfect! XD hahahahaah

J D says:

So basically if you get prescribed adderall you'll be successful

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