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The #1 Ranked Crypto in the World! Apex Legends season 3!

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Bananas 4Lifez says:

It pissed me off how he said he's gonna revive his teammate but pushes teams

Nikhil Chari says:

what's the difference between scrims and pubs? Aren't they both just regular apex?

Dennis Strizheus says:

why is the video include "crypto" in the title but he doesn't even use him wtf xd

Dreamy says:

Lmao you guys have nothing on my friend on Xbox he has over 11k with crypto as of Jan 30th hahaha look up R2k sUm cUz on apex tracker for Xbox hahahaha

Retro says:

Wtf he has more wins than top 5s…how is that possible; 2:09 how does he have 18 bullets without an extended mag?!

Ace Newgate says:

Legit stream snipe

Hans Schniffel says:

He could have used any other legend and would have performed even better

Laser wolf says:

Crypto are trash layers in zbox

Seji says:


Kurt Walford says:

I saw a cypto on Xbox with 8k kills nocap

Itachi gotskills777 says:

So technically he just spams crypto every match lol

Kyle brewer says:

Fuck this game man. Complete trash. Noobs like me stand no chance man. Game has to meany freaks on it

Consejos y más says:

muy interesante que no tenga retroseso las armas oh yo sere muy malo y no digan que es por la memoria muscular bla bla bla

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