Think Like A Grand Master Entrepreneur- 2019 Driven Keynote

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Patrick Bet-Davids keynote in Long Beach, CA – Think Like A Grand Master Entrepreneur. At Driven 2019 a conference hosted by Albert Preciado and The Mortgage Guys, Patrick Bet-David shares how to plan your next moves as an entrepreneur. Subscribe for weekly updates

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Doug G says:

He reminds me of other successful people I had worked with. There was so much good stuff in here I think I'll have to watch it again. Lots to learn from.

d papa says:

I play go, and just beat Alpha Go 22:00 It aint no thing…I let it think it was winning then crushed it.

d papa says:

I enjoyed watching this, and picked up some ninja skills

d papa says:

the park anology of why people are fat-fucks doesn't really hold water imho. Where I live there are hundreds of trails and parks, and just as many fat fucks. People are obese because they are inactive — end of story — our societies have changed from active work-places to sitting on your arse , alongside ubiquitous fast-food outlets.

JmansFragments says:

learn go out and apply on the motivation that you receive here
from toronto

Aron Darling says:

Is there any way to get the slides from this video?

Guillermo Hernandez says:

become affiliate partner

Lena says:

what board game was he talking about when he mentioned Armenians? I couldn't catch it at 21:44

8redr0cks1 truthsayer says:

You're my idol and mentor. I just really want you to know that. Thank you

Simon Lewis says:

This was a classic lecture right here. Very clear speaker and authentic. This is a keeper. Thank you for speaking life into me.

F.M.B. says:

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Raj Patel says:

Pat, you are missing one big item on that diagram of "wealth"… How about, we can be wealthy if you become a monk or open up a church or temple? Big business buddy according to my new neighbors. Also, "showing people how wrong they are also is a big business"…

Gerald Bivins says:

Kobe of exemplifying Entrepreneurship

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