The Worst Bitcoin Crash In History Is Coming (Tesla Selling)

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Let’s talk about what Bitcoin is gonna do when Tesla pulls the plug.


Matthe van Daalen says:

Still think this today?

Barry O'Driscoll says:

Tesla just announced that they’re accepting Btc for sales

RonnySize says:

The truth is like poetry…… And everybody hates poetry…
: Some dead dude

Destin Murray says:

Alex, you need to look into accounting for Goodwill and impairment losses. There is something people aren't seeing here…

alexandros misirlis says:

Every idiot thinks they are an expert ffs it’s shameful tbh

Filippo P says:

I hope it so bad… i wanna do some big bitcoin shopping

Sione Fanaika says:

Your shit isn't sticking bro. Keep throwing. Lol

Max Lucado says:

I made huge profit on my investment since I started trading with Mrs Stephanie, her trading strategies are top notch.

zzFishstick says:

Thank you Alex for adding some much needed logical thinking and common sense to help disillusion this bull run.

Guillaume Attamah says:

Alex "I bought bitcoin 1 year ago, I'm an expert now" Becker.

Jorge Hernandez says:

Tesla just announced that they will accept Bitcoin as payment for cars and specified that they will not convert it to fiat. This video didn’t aged well this guy is spreading FUD maybe becuase he cares about people and doesn’t want to see them lose everything but you can’t make up some news.

Evangelos Taxiarchis says:

alex what are going to do with all your money? looks you are never happy man

Sony a7 tutorials says:

I saw this video as far as "I'm not clickbaiting… but I'm not an expert on crypto…" yeah ok homey, delete your clickbait. Lemme guess, you're not holding?

Evangelos Taxiarchis says:

stock market crashes every 60-second that's way you have up and down charts

Lord Bonez says:

After the Elon tweet where he says Tesla is now accepting bitcoin for payment, and it will not have to be converted to fiat. Your whole little video is rendered irrelevant you should delete it.

texas summer says:

You should of stress this info on the video you made 7 months ago where you almost urge people to buy bitcoin. Js

Joseph Taccogna says:

Lol yeah yeah there selling

101 Memes says:

The best proven strategy to make money in crypto is just never selling. Not when it goes up, not when it goes down. Selling the top, buying the dip, all of that is just people who think they can outsmart whales. You cannot outsmart whales except for just riding their waves with them and hodling on, maybe buying some more if you have spare cash left during a dip. Just don't sell until you really need the cash. Bitcoin might just randomly go to 500k this time. It might stop here. It might go back to 3k. But eventually it will go back up.

Sid S says:

Looks like Telsa ready to accept bitcoin and ready to accumulate more…. I believe the stock market and crypto is kind of related, but question is if the stock market is really going to crash or take dips. They didn't built the market to crash it what I mean is quantitive easing. Lol ….Based on past videos u been negative on bitcoin and like Alts which is fine.

Novica Vukobratovic says:

This video didn't age well, like at all 😀

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