The "T.E.C.H. Simple" Method For Making Money Online in 2024

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✔ No Pitches! ✔ No B.S! ✔ This video reveals the simple four-step process for generating $10,000+ per month, online. Get my FREE Affiliate Marketing Crash Course ➡

Everything you need to know about making money online is covered in this one free video…

It’s time to break free from the thought that some Greedy Guru will save you. You don’t need a $1997 fake Guru course to learn Internet marketing.

I’ve been blessed to speak on stages around the world at Internet marketing conferences and I have hundreds of friends who are earning a full-time income online.

For some folks this is $3000 per month… For others it’s $30,000 per month. Many acquaintances earn $100,000 per month or more… And I’ve masterminded with online business owners who make over $1 million per month…

The truth?

None of them knew how to build a business online when they decided to start.

The number of friends I have making real-world income online who started by following a group course is tiny.

In fact, I can’t think of one person that I personally know making money online who followed a group course to get started.

Every single one of us just jumped in and began building… That’s when the learning curve truly begins.

Through persistent action over long period of time we learn the skills needed to grow a real business online…

this video reveals the entire plan for earning money online.

You will also learn how to find all of the free tutorial videos that I’ve published here on YouTube in order to help you take that first step or that next step.

If you would like some motivation or to hear from a friend and student who has achieved great success online, I recommend watching this video interview next:

You can do it!

-Miles “The Helpful YouTuber” Beckler

Here are timestamps designed to break this video up into chapters:

0:00 Intro To Making Money Online
2:02 Avoid The “Greedy Guru” TRAP!
3:12 The “T.E.C.H. Simple” method to making money revealed
3:53 Which Traffic Source Is Right For You?
8:17 The Secret To Driving Massive Amounts of Traffic
11:49 The BIG Money Is In The List!
17:10 Conversions, Commissions & Cash Flow!
21:12 The #1 Mistake Most People Make Is Forgetting THIS!
24:23 Free Resource #1 – How To Choose A Profitable Niche
26:30 Free Resource #2 – How To Start Publishing
29:28 Free Resource #3 – How To Find What People Are Searching For
30:14 Free Resource #4 – How To Optimize Your Content For Search Engines (SEO)
31:08 The #1 Key To Your Success Making Money Online
33:37 Grow Your Email List With 100% Free Tools
35:52 The Missing Ingredient That Guarantees Your Success


@aneesap3426 says:

What's the best free blogging website Miles?

@davidweston9115 says:

I've been with this guy since he started his personal brand. Even then he was showing stuff others didn't show.

@AhmedSaeed-t6h says:

You are a great mentor miles ..greeting you from Egypt .. thank you from my heart.

@YourLifestyle-og2vo says:

1% Appreciate all your honestly! Great video!

@BHearnDigitalMedia says:

1% Thanks Miles, great stuff once again!

@IntuitiveYoga says:

1% thank so very much

@Galaxaplays says:

1% ok so glad I found you

@BeamSmith-xo6ws says:

hi miles first thank you for sharing all this information in this video for free. I just want let you know your website there has a little issue….by clicking under category: how to start a blog…this ….click here to jump into the step by step training….does not work.please fix it.

@kcmcmillan6719 says:

1% Thanks for your passion and honesty, I'm excited to get started and I'm in for the long haul.

@johannaanderson3363 says:

1% big fan of Melanie's!

@toddwatts1963 says:

Miles, you are doing an amazing job and we appreciate everything that you do!

@jacquesduvenage841 says:

Thanks Miles. Really helpful! Thanks for your honesty!

@guchfun says:

1%! Thank you again, Miles , for a content-packed video. You are a true professional!

@ghostfrom1950 says:

MILES! I bought and paid for a very similar program circa 2002 and was making posts in forums back in the days before social media. I was then put in my place by some older dude who said what I was doing was illegal/unethical. I was only about 10 years old or something and got discouraged entirely by the idea. Then social media came along and I have always been suspicious of "affiliate marketing" because of my experience. All this to say I wish I knew a legit way that I can actually do

@amazingredox says:

I made it to the end of the video!

@kyleBoltBros says:

1 percent bro

@GeroTheSoundman says:


@jackietaylor8328 says:

1% looking forward to jumping into the 90 day challenge. Thank you for your honesty. I have seen so much information and almost paid for a program. I pray much success to you and your family.

@oliviaparker5063 says:

1% Great video, thanks!

@user-ez7ml6il1p says:

Great video. Can I sell my own stuff and be an affiliate marketer for certain products simultaneously? Do you have a course or step-by-step process (even if I need to pay for it) that shows me how to set-up a blog, market and sell my products, STEP-BY-STEP, like a DUMB-AND-DUMBER version? Let me know. I'm very interested. Thanks again for this valuable info.

@MichaelDsHealthTips says:

One percent.

@DanielleDarcy-gt7sp says:

1% thank you!

@carolf476 says:

1% did it and thank you

@DaveDaily42 says:

1% — I’ve referred so many people to you over the years. Now I need to follow your advice.

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