The Secret To Success w/ Facebook Ads In 2023

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Facebook Ads have changed! Learn how to succeed with Facebook Ads, today… Even if you’re a beginner!

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If you haven’t mastered the skill of quickly creating info-products that sell like crazy with Facebook ads, go through this training next:

Here are the additional Facebook advertising videos I’ve published on YouTube over the years:

First, I mentioned the five-dollar Facebook ads strategy which is the best way for beginner advertisers to start… The strategy is explained in greater detail in this video:

here is the most recent step-by-step tutorial that shows inside of the Facebook ads manager exactly how to start a campaign. This is a little outdated but the Facebook business manager still looks the same today

You can learn how to build your own FB ad swipe file in this video here :

If you want help understanding the sales funnel math and Facebook advertising math to know when you’re ad campaigns are cash flow positive or when you have a gap, go through this tutorial:

If you want to view the 2023 creator profits study mentioned, go here –

To help you find the Facebook advertising answer is that you need, here are timestamps for chapters in this video

0:00 Are Facebook Ads Dead?
0:39 Facebook Ad Secret #1 – AI For Targeting
1:43 FB Ad Secret #2 – Focusing Your Advertising Efforts
2:25 Facebook is a customer acquisition channel
2:38 The 5 Dollar Per Day Facebook Ads Trick
3:11 Secret #3 – Writing Facebook Ad Copy That Works
3:45 Get Facebook’s AI To Fall In Love With Your Ad Copy
4:34 The Secret To Testing Your Ad Hooks For Cheap
5:49 Facebook Ads Swipe File & FB Ad Templates
6:07 Secret #4 – Your Key To Closing The Sale
7:10 FB Ad Mistake #1 The Accidental Bait-And-Switch
8:21 How To Have A Sales Breakthrough On Facebook
9:53 Facebook Advertising Secret #5: Clearing The Gap
12:09 How To Fix A Broken Facebook Ad Campaign?
13:28 Sales Funnels To Supercharge Your Facebook Ads
13:43 Sneaky Ways To Increase Your Lifetime Customer Value
14:44 How To Scale Your Winning Facebook Ads Fast
15:16 Email Marketing & Your Facebook Advertising Success
15:50 The 2 P’s Of Profitably Advertising on Facebook
16:16 Why Is Making Money With Facebook So Difficult?
17:26 What Do You Do When You Have A FB Ad And Offer That Works?
18:16 The Most Important Secret To Success With Facebook Ads


Miles Beckler says:

Ready for a Breakthrough in course sales? Go here –

Penji says:

It's clear that you've mastered the art of customer acquisition through Facebook. Could you share more about your personal favorite method for closing the gap and making Facebook ads truly profitable for your business?

Houssam Bouchakour says:

Awesome content as always!

Rodney Dagan says:

something concerns me Miles, you always say beware of the guru trap
yet you recommend Jason Fladlien eclas, he is a serial guru who pumps out all types of courses

EntreMomentum says:

What happened since the apple update that allowed people to opt out and hurt targeting? I heard that hurt conversions for a lot of people. Is that still an issue?

Simcha Ehrman says:

Do you have a product related to email marketing copy? i would love to see

Something Beautiful says:

Hi,miles I'm enrolled in your affiliate marketing course.What do you think of music niche,violin music specifically.Will it work in 2023/24

Danielle Brown says:

Thanks Miles, awesome video.

Todd Franzen the Internal Architect says:

Yes Miles! Very tasty treats in the vid. As always!

Coconut Pete says:

I wish Facebook would let you place ads in groups. last I checked you weren't able to buy it's been awhile… anyone know if they allow it yet?

Henry Olsen says:

I like you!

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