The Science To Destroy Low Motivation

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Why do some people have so much more energy and motivation than others. I’ve dug into it and it doesn’t come down to personality or some gift. It comes down to what is going on inside your body and the direction its pointed in. If you unlock these 4 points…you probably will stop feeling like pooh.

If you feel yourself procrastination or not having the focus to work on your goals this is the absolute first place you should start. If you try to move forward without this its virtually impossible to feel good enough to do the work.

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Cameron Ratcliff says:

Now this is good fuckin content

Paradigm-Sift says:

My Dopamine receptor is burnt out, so I got to and should listen to every video Alex is going to upload

John Redcorn says:

I really like Zelda A Link to the Past because it holds back on the dopamine hit until the very end of the game. It really trained my brain to appreciate earned dopamine vs easy dopamine. Then at the very end when you defeat Ganon, it unloads on you.

M.C. Squared says:

What frequency is the sound at the end of the video @Alex Becker?

Chris says:

Someone has been playing Mass Effect 2 lol

humanyoda says:

you're, not your 0:01

Armi says:

I just seen 3rd video of this guys (because first one was dope) and it feels like I have watched same video 3 times.Too much repeating of the same things for too long.

Corbin Davies says:

Love this guy

Victor Popov says:

I miss the new age background music

TheOnewhoKnocks says:

what strucks mi lately is that almost all of you super efficient, dopamine masters advicers tends to skipp mention is youtube that in my understanding among porn and games is one of the most dopamine releasing platform

uri black says:

I see Alex has been watchinh Dan Peña vídeos. Standing desk?? Lol

simon therrien says:

sorry for unsubscribing in december 2019…

Saimir says:

whats the point of having all that energy if ou cant do anything fun

James Arnold says:

Food is a huge point. I noticed I'm way more productive when I started intermittent fasting!

Can We Win? Lottery Experiment says:

Pure Nonsense ! No, not at all :)))

Calvin Ebun-Amu says:

Your wisdom will change my life this year

Vladimir Tamy says:

Love it man! Give us more of this stuff, I really like your point of view. Appreciate!

Carrillo says:

thanks a lot this is going to change my life!

Mrskess says:

Alex, I don’t drink, don’t go out, don’t play games, don’t eat sugary food. My problem is having been through difficult times and had depression although I don’t think I have it anymore, I just don’t feel the internal motivation. I have the time now to do things and everyday I plan what small things I will do, but when I’m about to do them it’s like there is an invisible barrier that stops me doing those things. Also I’ve been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, but despite it I want to do many things but it makes me feel very tired. I’m looking into various method to cope with this, but it’s still the internal motivation I don’t have. Any advise for internal motivation?

2cent Warrior says:

"Your brain is like AI". No AI is like your brain

Anthony Himself says:

So tummy lock best fight against this is to fast and get that autophagy

Mr. Charles says:

I love your mindset. You have a new subscriber

Eroc Frederick says:

Thank you. This made me think and i will put this into action. Biggest garbage distraction for me is women.

Mark Cunningham says:

Awesome wisdom and mindset tuning Alex. How true your words are "if you don't sacrifice in your life, the things that you care about and the goals that you have will become the sacrifice."

John Simerlink says:

Please more videos like this. Like how to develop the energy of Bill Gates or Elon Musk

TazThaManiac says:

The sound in the background is a lil weird and I never really noticed it but just have a feeling that you put that there strategically becuz regardless of what I'm doing at work while listening to you im actually focused on every word. I usually rewind multiple times but not when i listen to u

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