The Power of an Entrepreneurial Mindset | Bill Roche | TEDxLangleyED

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When we help youth to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, we empower them to be successful in our rapidly changing world. Whether they own a business or work for someone else, young adults need the skills and confidence to identify opportunities, solve problems and sell their ideas. This skillset can be encouraged and developed in elementary schools, with the immediate benefit of increased success in school.

In this talk, Bill Roche shares stories of students that have created their own real business ventures with PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs. He illustrates the power of enabling students to take charge of their learning with freedom to make mistakes, and challenging them to actively develop entrepreneurial skills. Bill also showcases the achievements of specific students and shares how a transformative experience for one student has been a source of inspiration for him over the years. Bill Roche specializes in designing curriculum-based resource packages related to entrepreneurship, financial literacy and social responsibility. Bill worked directly in Langley classrooms for over ten years and now supports teachers throughout the country in creating real-world learning experiences for their students. Over 40,000 students have participated in his PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs program. The program’s impact has been captured in a documentary scheduled for release early in 2018. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


Baoleki Tumedi says:

Hope could be introduced in lower school curriculum


Those who want to start their business with real understanding at no investment
Must apply: Trionests

Valerie Sigal says:

great idea to create this type of trade shows for kids to showcase their skills.

Michael Brown says:

great idea! we need more of this thinking in education today.

Spirit Earth Wisdom says:

He keeps making kissing noises with his lips.

Armand Mato says:


Trend Bizz says:

The best speech I've ever heard in my life.

Michelle says:

I just wish so much that this was around when I was a child.

J Washington says:

This was helpful. I just posted a video of tips on working a 9-5 while running a business becoming a full entrepreneur is my major goal

NiGiVlog says:

The last part had me tearing up.

Tahmeed Mazumder says:

he probably was the most creative from the start. cuz only hehad the foresight to understand that school actually is a waste of time.

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