The Only 2 Ways To Build Real Residual Income!

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In this video I share with you the 2 steps that you absolutely must follow when you are looking to build real residual income online. The #1 issue people have with residual income is retention and these 2 steps will assure that you don’t run into that problem.

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Corlinna Lawson Smith says:

Good advice and one that I have followed for yrs

Mayme A. Hsu says:

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Charles Maza says:

thanks for some good solid fundamentals Rodney. What page/site builder would match-up with the model you're explaining here? Lead pages? Conversion Pro? Clickfunnels? None of the above…which one are you using?

Kendra Guilford says:

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Mary Ellison says:

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Stroke AfterMath says:

thank you . the information you shared really helped me.

Daniel Fortes says:

Rodney I love the way you said that. "Easy to Join… hard to quit!" …opportunities that complete a process that are absolutely necessary!

Advertise Opportunity says:

Great information! Very few entrepreneurs are educating people in the Internet marketing community about the value of digital assets and how to create a need for your product of service.

i alpha says:

Audible also

i alpha says:

Good Advice Rodney, mine are Udemy, Freshbooks, Netflix, HostGator, AgileCRM. Going to look for the affiliate programs

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