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GDAX rolls out support for segregated witness (SegWit). RobinHood’s highly anticipated cryptocurrency exchange arrives, but does it live up to the hype? Nano (XRB, formerly RaiBlocks) price surges, but from some specious news. Imposters abound in the crypto world, including one particularly sinister version of Doug Polk.

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Doug Polk is a professional poker player and cryptocurrency enthusiast. Crypto News is the show to keep up with the latest trends and stories involving Bitcoin price, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, IOTA, investing, analytics, and various altcoins.


Doug Polk Crypto says:

How To 50x Your Cryptocurrency GUARANTEED:

Frank Flores says:

Segwit is not an improvement, it is an ugly hack that makes bitcoin more complicated, less secure and more difficult to develop and maintain. Don't trust Doug Polka when it comes to technical bitcoin details. He only regurgitates the biased information he gets from the censored bitcoin core community. He hasn't even bothered to read the original bitcoin whitepaper.

Tyler Lyon says:

Your the man! Thanks for all the valuable insights… would love to hear you talk about credits too…

CS made Idex crash 3 times.
CS is the highest traded coin in all DEXs to date.
CS has the fastest TPS (10x of 2nd best EOS's current TPS).
CS only will offer Autonomous smart contracts (which makes it possible to do a lot of complex things with Credits smart contracts.)
CS has much faster development cycle. (Beta end of March, MainNet in June)
CS has tons of partnership already at Alpha stage.

CS is valued just 70M. 300M is not surprising at all for Alpha, more for Beta, even more for MainNet.

Go Chip Me says:

Hey Doug we sent an email offering 3ETH to promote our GoChipMe hardware wallet chips to your JR Bussiness address still awaiting a response…………rude!!!

Jason Virnig says:

Hahaah fake pokes

Jason Virnig says:

Stop fucking with NANO its has a cool name so I put 10,000 fake paper dollar moneys on it.

Kruk TV says:

they cant add a single coin for 3 months fucking retards.

Luke jones says:

I always forget to like the video until Doug does something that makes me laugh and like the video like a reflex

kmkfan628 says:

am i the only person who saw the email doug flashed on the screen???? thats those ferrari buying crypto dumbasses isnt it? LOL

Andras Becker says:

Very good content! Well done, keep them coming!!!

Kartyman550 says:

Are you sending out emails for a pilot project

J D says:

Doug what do you think of eBTC would love to hear your opinion ? Researched it and this currency made me thinking that they are better then all BTC forks combined (and of course BTC itself), already big ecosystem which is diversified in different industries + awesome community, i think about this coin for quiet some time.. plus a swiss company audits their ecosystem partners for maximum security since couple days..

DigitalDyslexia says:

Doug, I heard last week that Bitcoin cash is being added. We need to hop on this now! Not a scam!

Raquel Refuerzo says:

LOL This guy is hilarious with his email

Esteban Fonseca says:

what are the first desentralized exchange that you put on the video, I would like to know more about it, you should do a video about it!

Love the videos man!

KGB says:

"SHilling my bags" LMAOFF

ODIEwho says:

The shirt…lmao can I buy one???

francis james says:

Oh. This is the douchebag that is talking all that shit about my friend. Wow. You just just reek of douchyness

Matt Baron says:

Totally random list of coins added to coinbase lmao

jbbolts says:

Did you really get banned from coinbase? Did you lose any currencies?

Dumb Jason says:

dougs fake voice is getting reallllllll annoying

jeroen van gelder says:

Hey Doug I have some really good T-shirts ideas, is it possible to share it with you and also can I have some of the profits that will be made?

cepolly says:

Doug, Love the channel. The videos are informative and entertaining. My kids laugh at "Breaking news". If possible, can you bleep out the f-bombs. lol. For the kids!

Brandon Robb says:

Doug what about LTC!?!?!? I heard it was going to be on GOX! LTC coming to GOX. You heard it here first.

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