The Law Of Attraction Made Easy

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Look, you can create the life of your dreams… As long as you know HOW! There is a process that I first learned from Napoleon Hill’s Think & Grow Rich book that I’ve used to create a remarkable life… You’re learning that today.

This video summarizes what I’ve learned from more than 20 years studying and applying the law of attraction in my life to help you build the life of your dreams, too.

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And the real key is to follow the synchronicities once you get these 3 steps explained in the video sorted out:

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You can do it!

Miles Beckler


Voica says:

Keep doing these. But question, how do I get comfortable in asking for money? I was good at it until 2 years ago but as I evolved I have become uncomfortable in asking customers to pay the price I want. I need a new way to think about it cause I can't figure it out. Thanks

Green Thumb Gardener says:

Great video…listening to Steven Pressfield…Turning Pro each year. Thanks to you for a little nudge. Hope you grow some veggies this year dude!

Marlon Aquino says:

Thought, feelings, action…wow, that's a good start to finally understand the basics of the law of attraction. You're such a blessing Miles, many thanks!

Joseph says:

I very much appreciated the idea that your intuition can guide you towards less productive paths if those are the kinds of thoughts and feelings that you nurture with your actions. I love these kinds of videos and would love to see more of them

Caroline Matta says:

Greatly appreciated your technical videos from which I learned so much but these loa videos are the key to succeeding or at least persevering to succeed! Thanks Miles!!!

Germaine S says:

Thanks you as always Miles! Kyle Cease's work has been pivotal during this transformative time that we're all part of!

GraffKing21 says:

Hey Miles, still loving your content since the early days when you first started. I followed and applied then fell off. Now I’m back in my uptrend of getting back on track. I have a question. When you start a niche affiliate and/or blog, how do you write and keep up putting out relevant content? Doesn’t things get repetitive at some point or is that the point? I figure you would run out of ideas at some point?

Mikeey Moz says:

Thanks Miles i needed that.

M says:

Thanks Miles!

Piano Dragon says:

Miles. Without a doubt, this is your best video yet. Your ability to simplify the complex and inspire others with clarity and purpose is something we should all be very grateful for. Your powerful message delivered with masterful authenticity REALLY hit home for me today. With gratitude….. THANK YOU. I'll be sharing this video with all of the people I care about.

Enchanted Fibers says:

Thank You Sir;

Yiovanni Gonzalez says:

Wow. Miles I have no idea why you made this video today but it inspired me. Thank you I will listen to this ten times fold.

GrandPa Mel says:

Wow. Thanks, Miles, for this video. There have been times in my life when I read the books, felt the vibes, did the "things" and succeeded. Now, in retirement, while I want to accomplish things, I haven't had the vibes. You just reminded me I have to go back to step one: re-read the books and read newer ones; meditate on the feelings of gratitude, etc. That's why so many people die early in "retirement." They think that they can now coast through life. To coast, you need to go downhill. Downhill leads to… death.

Eric Seeling says:

I love your loa videos, thanks for being awesome

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