THE HOT SCRIPT FORMULA – Hosted by sunny lenarduzzi

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JC4SPORT says:

Do U really c all questions TubeBuddy :)?

James Betton says:

Thanks Sunny this helped me out a lot.

Pablo Villeda says:

Guatemala City

DNS Blastr Buddies says:

I knew all these ideas but you showed me how to interconnect them to work more efficiently.

TJ Ram says:

This is an AWESOME Video. Sunny always has great content.

Jane Diaz says:

Hell yeah, that sir, can watch again. <3 u Sunny!

Grow Organic SEO - Independent SEO Consultant says:

Super awesome – I wish I was watching this live. I'm doing creative research for my travel blogger client.

Alisia Krastel says:

Makes sense!

Big Bird Fishin' says:

Thanks for the advice! It’s certainly been a challenge beginning my YouTube channel…I believe this vid will help me…

ROLL100 says:

I like it I just can't understand, if all of this is true I'm amazed at how this video did so well even though the title is misspelled.

Ipinho Korea says:

Iam from Indonesia

Steven Sinner says:

Have I seen your new look before now? Aahhh. I sure wish you wore your beautiful hair straight, again !! And, that red top you're wearing . . . You're better than that. You have already set the bar as high as can be with dressing conservative, and wearing your hair straight. Looking forward to seeing the 'old Hot you, once again. (. I know, who asked me, right ! 🙂

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