The FASTEST Way To MAKE MONEY Online in 2020

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The Fastest Way to Make Money Online has 2 parts. You can Start Freelancing and Make Money Online Fast or if You can build and Audience You can Start Affiliate Marketing and Earn Passive Income. Usually these are not considered a way to make money online FAST, but if executed well you can start earning money through both passive income, and active income, you just need to know why most people fail.

Freelancing is the fastest way to make money online in terms of accessible transactions through gig work that can pay out right away. So if you start freelancing and work for a client you make money once the job is complete, meaning you make money in the same day.

For anyone who needs to make money fast right away, Freelancing is the best option. However you would need to have skills that are in demand if you want to make money online as a freelancer.

Affiliate Marketing allows you to make money fast through passive income if you can get sales through affiliate links and distribution to an audience. To make money fast you will need an existing audience or the ability to get traffic. Most people can’t do this quickly but it is a faster way to make money online in terms of passive income than making your own products.

Most people start affiliate marketing with Amazon as a way to get started making money online, but they fail do to not being able to promote their affiliate links correctly or due to a lack of having an audience.

Affiliate marketing also only becomes passive income once you are able to build up consistent and reliable traffic for your affiliate marketing links through content, such as YouTube, Podcasting or Blogging or Instagram.

It should go without saying that Making Money in Your Sleep Doesn’t Happen Overnight. It’s an investment of your time up front for long term gains over a long period of time.

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Roberto Blake helps entrepreneurs and social media influencers, through educational videos on YouTube, motivational content on Instagram and career development advice on LinkedIn, as well as offering 1 on 1 Coaching and a Group Coaching Program.

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Thanks so much Roberto for the great content. I never knew new you could get paid from having people sign up for a free trial. This is a route I'm definitely taking since I'm already building a business. Thanks again

Josephine De Smet says:

Ever since you mentioned voice overs I've been thinking about that
So I want to give that a shot
I don't really know how to price myself but you probably have videos on that

Matko Pogačić says:

Self employment, but also side gigs

JesusSaves says:

Do you give short personal advice via email? Or something

Looking_For_Game says:

"nobody values your time" I couldn't agree more

Kisha Callwood says:

Definitely both.

Jonathan Boyd says:

Interesting Video As always Roberto I'm already a freelancer so probably freelancing but have to find more things I can do from home Affiliate marketing takes a while an a lot of traffic to really get started But once I have the traffic I'll jump on that too

Acme says:

I think my alarm company job is holding up well during the quarantine. That being said I see where you’re coming from. Thank you for another good video 🙂

Megaman14 says:

Thank you for the good tips I am interest in affiliate marketing but may go towards freelance work first.

Aldotjpeg says:

Just found your channel a few days ago and immediately subscribed after one video. Love your approach on things and it really is simple but yet so informative. As for myself, I'm currently trying to grow an audience as a micro YouTuber. At the same time, I feel that affiliate marketing suits me as I believe that if I find something that helped me, whether it's a product or a service, I would want others to try it out too! But I guess to get to that level, I first have to build an actual audience. Just like anything else, that's going to take time too.

Brian Glaze says:

I’m going to dive fully into affiliate marketing this year Roberto! You’re an inspiration.

Tacha's Society says:

I wish I can really have someone help me people will have u sign up and disappear and send u a whole bunch o email spam.. I need to really watch your videos I want to really learn I just need a person who can really help me..

BucketList Brian says:

Roberto! I just made it to 100 Subscribers!!!!!!!!

Kylie Fire says:

How do you drive traffic to your site in a consistent affordable way?

SEO Tools TV says:

People are smart than ever today.
They have a lot of instruments to check everything about your business.
There is no other option for how to sell.
You should be honest.
People hate liars.
If you feel that you can't sell your products because you are honest, then start developing and improving it.

Lee S Kennedy says:

Both are great ways to create a passive income, but freelancing is better.

T Stamps says:

Damn, you're smart! Bro, I want to freelance on Upwork to write blog post but Im getting no bites and using up all my credits. What can I do to stand out in the freelance helping others write their blog post or articles? I've built a blog already. I run my own Facebook ads, Google ads, social media content and still hearing crickets. Is there a resource to find out what Im doing wrong and how I can improve? I know your time is valuable. I have seen your videos and followed your work for a while but this day and age is different. Clients want to low ball you for work that would cost 2 -3 times as much. We have to deal with so many rejections and no responses at all. It almost like applying for jobs during the COVID19 Crisis with the ATS systems that stop your application from getting into the hands of a hiring manager before it even hits the queue.

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