The Fastest Way to Achieve Level 4 in Million Money

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In this video, I answered the following questions:
How many persons do I need to achieve level 4?
When do I get paid when I achieve level 4?
How fast can I achieve level 4?
The wrong way to achieve level 4?

We will also look at the different Crowdfunding model of business and consider the pros and cons and which model the Million Money project works with.

Also in this video, I explained the Million Money Compensation Plan and how to attain level 4.

This video also explains the 3 different methods that can help you accelerate your earnings and achieve LEVEL 4 in 24hrs.

This video also answers the most asked question about Million Money project – IS MILLION MONEY A PONZI SCHEME?.

This video also answers the most asked question about Million Money project – IS MILLION MONEY A SCAM?.

There are many more insights you will gain after watching this video, you will also see the reason why you are the only factor that determines success in your business.

The Goal is to be Rich, Kind and Happy

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Elie Foly Mensah says:

Thank you Silas for the insight. Stay blessed always. Amen

jeffrey seibeb says:

Hi, I really am confused now. Please explain the pp15.

Rahmat Khan says:

My question is, how it is profitable to the company million money?

Chief Amusan says:

Am novices. I like the presentation. Can you help to start

Igah andrew says:

Thanks for the video, You know, the smart contract was built for two referral, what then is position.

Jennifer Okere says:

If someone registers today and complete level four tomorrow. Will he be paid that same tomorrow?

Sharon Kawira says:

Hello Sir, I've watched the video a bit late, I'm almost headed for level three in a day or two,
Can I register 15accounts under me and make the same profit?

Michelle Chan says:

Can I still earn if I have bought 15 accounts then I have 2 referrals and they bought 8 accounts each?

Habeeb Gbenga says:

Pls ur referral link sir

James Williams says:

if i want to register and dont wanna refer anyone can i just create multiple acct and fund them and gradually buy level on each acct as so as to get to level 4

lekan abulganiyu says:

If I did 7position at a go, how many person will the 8 people have to bring each to achieve level 4 or 5?

Gaming Machine says:

Can I get your WhatsApp number I think there's something you've explained wrongly

Sarath Anand says:

What happen if someone in my downline withdraw their money, instead of upgrade?

Job Dominic says:

I have a good chain going but no profit, is it possible for my upliner's inability to get crowd to affect my profits and progress?

Nnebedum Nneka says:

Waw waw
I learnt so much
Thank u Mr Silas

Babalola Bakrin says:

Thank you for saving me money and dignity. I was about to make the mistake of my life by buying my way to the top. But that was due to wrong ideas from my upline

David080 says:

My upline help me put four people under me i tried to upgrade to level 3 they said insufficiency fund why

Anne Marie Birkett says:

Thank you for the info

Emah Young says:

What does this RoI really mean?
The fastest way is 800% and slowest is 12000%, if I go for the fastest way will this ROI of 800% reduce my pay?


What is your link?

Intet Michael says:

Good morning sir, is it possible to earn in million money without referrals ?

Ikem Ikem says:

Thank you so much sir. I have a question. I just join the million money and I’m level one. Is it advisable to buy level two?

Donald Onyeka says:

Please I am confuse, you said previous presentation that with registering 62 persons – I make N2.4million…or $6000 as I was told by the person who introduce me to this opportunity..

However here, you are saying 64persons for $1200..

Does this mean that 62 persons won't give me $6000 anymore?

Omotoso Oluwaseyi says:

Thank you for this peice…very informative.

How do I achieve level 5….how many people do I need.


Tobi Alabi says:

I loved your presentation, however what is the faith of my fellow investors. If I go with the 3 positions pack, I need 84 people to max level 4, my fellow investors won't be maxed out. Does it mean we all require 84persons for each investor to max out level 4? I am a bit confused as to how to unlock max earnings for the first 3 persons in the tree.

Abdullah Adnan says:

My Question is that…….!
how many max people can join from my refferal link? I mean if someone is not working in my downline so can i make a refferal under that person who is not working from my refferal link?

Aninze Walter says:

Please sir in the monster pack what if i register myself with 150usd thats 15 slot and i have one referal that want to register with 150usd to clear the total system will this system work

NSS TV Africa says:

Please can I get your WhatsApp number?

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