The EVIDENCE that led me to Christ and changed my life.

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My first podcast style video! I had so many doubts about the Bible, God, and Jesus. After I had an experience where I met someone who truly loved God and wanted to live a life that pleases Him, I knew I needed to dig deeper. This video is all of the facts and historical evidence that support the validity of the Bible and of Jesus Christ. This faith is not blind.

Links to Resources:

A Historian Explains the Evidence for the Resurrection –

Jesus was NOT a myth (15 minutes Of Evidence) –

Famous Detective Looks at Evidence for Jesus –

Lee Strobel – Case For Christ –

Atheist Scientist to Christian –

Biochemist Argues God Exists –

Jay Warner Wallace – Has the Bible Been Changed? –

The Pursuit of God –

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Alana Arbucci says:

I am so impressed with all of your comments. Everyone is being so genuine in asking questions and also open to an answer! I love you guys. Some sources for you. 
Atheist Scientist to Christian –
Famous Detective Looks at Evidence for Jesus –
Jesus was NOT a myth (15 minutes Of Evidence) –
Biochemist Argues God Exists –
How Christianity Is Different From Every Religion –
Has the Bible Been Changed? –
A Historian Explains the Evidence for the Resurrection –
Lee Strobel – Case For Christ –
The Pursuit of God –
Watch These Three CHRISTIANS DESTROY Evolution In 10 Minutes!! –
John Lennox Evolution or Design? Coding in the Cell –

Morgan Priscilla says:

I absolutely love this video, this sure was worth waiting for! First of all the new visual aesthetic is so warm and…light (this suits the video very well 🙂 and everything you said made complete logical sense even without the Bible as a source which was nice to see. Thank you for this video Alana!

Tatiana says:

Hi Alana, can you please do a video about the changes you made after you became a Christian? I noticed you didn’t wear any makeup on your weeding and you also changed the way you dress. I’m just curious about those changes and if it was hard for you. Is your family Christian as well? love you and your videos

I shoot Nikon says:

Wow, you were full of excuses to avoid your sin, but God bless you I'm so happy you a Christian now, some advice, DONT EVER LOOK BACK.

Marie says:

Love this video! Bring more, make it all known! All glory to Him.

Natasha Hameed says:

Im so glad you are religious and fulfilled Alana. The bible is a great book however it has been changed multiple times and there are endless versions. I wish you would read the Quran as it has never been changed. You will find basically the original bible along with many other miracles and mysteries undefined.

KD says:

"It takes more faith to be an atheist than a Christian." That exact realization is why I started to believe in God and later on became a Christian. I was thinking about the big bang theory and the more I thought about it, the more ridiculous it sounded.

So you're meaning to tell me that a big ball of energy exploded and that later formed rocks, and a specific rock (the earth) coincidentally got caught into the orbit of a specific star (the sun). That star just so happened to be the perfect size, temperature, and gravitational pull to keep this earth on a distance that makes the best climate for life to exist? Also, this rock (the earth) just happened to have the perfect amount of hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon etc etc coincidentally allowing us air to breathe, water to drink, and land to live on? Also, the earth just so happened to attract another rock (the moon). That moon also coincidentally is the perfect size and distance from the Earth. It's also naturally reflective so now we have moonlight. Then that rock has it's own gravitational pull which affects the tide and later facilitates life on earth, and even later on allows that life to come from the water and into the land. Not only did it create life, it also created the days, the nights, weeks, months, and years, and the seasons. All of these things and many more coincidences are perfectly aligned, which is why we are able to exist. Ask any scientist and they'll tell you that if any of these things were a tiny bit different, life wouldn't exist on Earth. WE wouldn't exist.

Somehow, despite all of this knowledge, we're supposed to believe it's a coincidence? We are supposed to believe that nobody created this? That it just naturally happened? If a mathematician was to calculate the probability of life existing based on these parameters, that mathematician would say it's virtually impossible, but here we are ALIVE.

It's only logical that we were created. That our existence was planned.

Esther says:

I’ve followed you for YEARS! And I’ve been a believer myself all this time and I find this absolutely beautiful! I couldn’t be more happier for you ❤

Sonney Puth says:

Alana PLEASEEEEE I HOPE you see this and watch the documentary “lamp in the dark” I pray you see this comment and watch the documentary about the history of the Bible it’s in alignment with everything you said in this video and much more. Pleeeeease I hope you and Tim watch it together!

Gabrielle Negrillo says:

I grew up in the Christian faith and this was such an enlightening video! Thank you for sharing.

Ryan says:

Wow this is so cool

L GH says:

I absolutely love this video. I’ve been a subscriber for years and I’ve seen you grown and change to be a better person and I feel so proud of you and I love you so much it makes me so happy to see you where you are now. Pls try and read the quran and learn more about Jesus peace be upon him and his miracles and how he talked as an infant to prove his mother’s innocence in Islam I promise you’ll love it! ILYSM❤

Julianna Grace says:

I have not had the time to watch this but as a Christian Alana I am SO proud of you for shining your light and talking about God in a world where that's hard and can be harshly judged by most. You're shining his light. You're glowing and I'm so happy for you that you found Tim.

Brooke Durrett says:

So sweet to see your life change !!

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