The 7 books every entrepreneur MUST read!

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7) Fred Factor –
6) The Go Giver –
5) Trump: The Art of the Deal –
4) Think and Grow Rich –
3) Keep Any Promise –
2) Radicals & Visionaries –
1) The Four-Hour Work Week –
Bonus – Three Kingdoms –

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Voq Jus says:

Who became self – happy and self – millionaire and what are your favourite books?

Naoko Mizuide says:

I like Three Kingdoms.

Joseph Mngenela says:

Book summary:
The video is still worth the watch.

7. Fred Factor
6. Go giver
5. Trump – the art of a deal
4. Think and grow reach
3. Keep any promise
2. Radicals & visionaries
1. The 4-hour work week

Bonus book – Three Kingdoms.

Multi-Dynamic says:

My best books
1-Think and grow Rich
2-The power of Positive Thinking
3- Rich Dad Poor Dad
4. Personal MBA

Janardhan Venkatesh says:

Think & Grow Rich

Luis Islas says:

Money master the game by Tony Robbins

christie hobbs says:

I Love Think and Grow Rich I have read it 4 times and everytime I learn something more… All of the Napoleaon Hill books have help me create a good business … So much inspiration in his writing

Tapaswini Jena says:

Nice video, you can add another two books…1:Zero to One (Peter Thiel). 2:Stay Hungry Stay Foolish (Rashmi Bansal)

Rider s says:

i think one more book…the intelligent invester book

AmilaGuru says:

Rich dad & poor Dad

Abdou Hydara says:

thank you very much evan carmichael,your videos really do motivate me i live in Gambia but i do follow you.

Success Audiobooks says:

But I do thank you for sharing. I will look at reading the ones I havnt heard of.

chi chi says:

im 17 and im blessed that i have all this time to make my company

Vikash Jindal says:

Sir nice video Sir aap bahut great ho aur bahut acchi video banate ho sir I am also reading a book but I put a book when I get a sleep pls sir help me and sir you can video in hindi conversation pls

Melissa O'Brien says:

great books thanks for sharing 🙂

Awuku-Amador Success says:

I really like your shirt help me get one

David Hamilton says:

Don't read Trump. Character Counts.

Mike K says:

Thank you….especially the three kingdoms (which I never heard about)

Jeff J. Cunningham says:

My books:
1. 10x Rule
2. Think and Grow Rich
3. Secrets of the Millionaire Mind
4.The Compound Effect
5. Miracle Morning
6. How to get Rich – Trump
7. Expert Secrets
Bonus: Crushing it

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